Three Barrels, One Dream for Girl & Horse!

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of becoming a barrel racer. I have loved horses all of my life. I got my first horse when I was 2 and I absolutely loved him.

Becoming a barrel racer takes a lot of training. You have to have a trainer and a fast and well behaved horse. It takes a long time to find the right horse. If you are just a beginner rider you don’t want a crazy horse. You will definitely want one that is well behaved. Taking care of a horse takes a lot of time and dedication.

Debbie Carter is a professional barrel racer. Debbie has been barrel racing since she was 5 years old. Her first horse was a paint pony named Patches. Even though barrel racing is her passion, she likes to do other things like team roping, hanging out with friends, and scuba diving. She spends a lot of time taking care of her four horses. Her fastest time on the standard barrel pattern was 16.9 seconds. Her current barrel horses that she runs on are named Troy and Whatits.

Sonya May is another professional barrel racer. She was 5 years old when she started barrel racing. Her first horse was named Sorrley. She also likes to go to the lake and do outdoor activities with her horses. She has worked really hard to be a barrel racer. She spends a lot of time practicing and making sure her horses are healthy.

Someday I hope to be a professional barrel racer like Debbie and Sonya. I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication but it will be worth it. My barrel racing horse named Hollywood is very fast. 

Hopefully someday Hollywood and I will be well known for barrel racing. 

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Stacey Lane