All I Want for Christmas Is a Hoverboard

 Today I got to ride a hoverboard. I thought I was going to be so bad at it. I got started with Michele holding my hands but now I am almost a pro. So now it’s really fun and easy! 

One of the peculiar things is you lean forward on the right harder than the left to go left and left harder than right to go right. Opposites, am I right? But both forward to go forward (how fast depends on how hard you lean your foot on both of them) and both backward to go backward (still depends how hard you lean on them). So, even though it’s sometimes opposite, you can still learn to do it. If you practice you can still learn.

That’s why I want one for Christmas. Then, I can practice ALL THE TIME and become a total pro. I would ride my hoverboard every day before I play Super Smash Bros. I would ride it in my house and then I could do my chores faster. I would ride it outside so I could play tag faster and easier. It might be hard to ride for some people, but it’s easy for me.

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