Remembering the Fun, Family Times this Past Summer

Summer time is fun time. It is a time to travel, spend time with your family and hang out with friends. This summer my family did a bunch of awesome things. We kicked off the summer with a road trip to California and went to Knott’s Berry Farm. Then we hung out at the waterpark a few times, and finally we went to Golfland.    

Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the best amusement parks that I have visited. The rides that my family and I went on were exciting and fun. We went on the Ghost Rider, the Silver Bullet, the Jaguar, Montezuma’s Revenge, the Supreme Scream and the Xcelerator. My favorites were the Supreme Scream, the Ghost Rider and the Xcelerator. The speed and the drops on those roller coasters had my heart racing. They were such thrilling rides.

We came back from California and took advantage of one of the best water parks in Arizona. We went to Big Surf Water Park. It was so hot here, so this hit the spot. I finally hit 48 inches in height, so I was able to ride all the rides. It was awesome. We went on the Black Hole, Tornado Twister, the White Serpentine Slide, Kilauea Cove slides, Tahitian, Cyclone, Tsunami and the wave pool. 

I loved the Tornado Twisters, the Kilauea Cove slides and the wave pool. I loved the Tornado Twisters because it was fast, it had fun scary drops, and it twisted and turned. Riding the waves was pretty nice, too! It was such an amazing day and a really great way to cool off.

Finally, to finish up the summer, we spent some time at Golfland. It was so much fun. We drove the race cars and played miniature golf. The cars were fast and the course was very curvy. Then we played the Princess Course for miniature golf. There were so many obstacles on this course. I hit the golf ball off the windmill and into the little pond. It really was fun and funny.  

Summer was a blast. I can’t wait for our next break and our next adventure. This summer was one of the best summers I have ever had. It was so amazing.

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