Fans Flocked to Playoff fan Central

College football is starting soon! For 2015-16, the National Championship Game was held in Phoenix. Earlier this year I took a trip with my mom, dad and brother, Chase, to the Phoenix Convention Center to be a part of Playoff Fan Central. The Playoff Fan Central is a multi-day fan festival that gives lots of kids an opportunity to experience the College Football Playoff National Championship. There were bands, cheerleaders, interactive photo booths and sports games. My brother and I got to play at different games. At one game we threw a ball to get into certain spots, if we got a certain amount of points you got a prize. I won a black spongy water bottle holder.

We also saw how a football is made – it is really cool. First they take the skin and put a cardboard-like material in it, then fill it with air, then tie it with string. There were some football players at the event–I saw Jaron Brown who played with Clemson and now with the Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals is my favorite team.

There were also educational activities. One of the things we did was recognize our teachers. We made posters thanking our teachers for their support. Both boys and girls attended to learn more about football, see the players and play the games.

I participated in a sports clinic that day, also. We ran the footballs through the dummy players and jumped over
the platforms to work on hurdling. It was a fun and exciting day.

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Stacey Lane