Most people think of Arizona as a hot desert landscape, but there’s snow in our state if you know where to look. Recently I went to Snowbowl in Flagstaff to go skiing. I had so much fun!

My family skied for four days on the amazing Mount Humphreys, the tallest point in the state with a base elevation of 9200 feet. I started practicing skiing on the very short beginner slopes. It’s important to learn how to stop and how to have your skis in a pizza shape to control speed.

To get up to the top of the slope, there was a special surface conveyor that you ski onto and get taken up. Then we progressed to a steeper and longer slope. Some of the slopes were so big, that a chairlift was needed to take people to the top! I especially loved going down the longer slopes. The longer slopes were fun because there were a lot of twists to help you practice turning.

Almost everyone got a chance to ski. There were lots of very little kids on skis and snowboards and I noticed a visually impaired skier going downhill with a guide skiing backward to help them come safely down the slope.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have good equipment that is appropriate for expected weather conditions. When I went, the weather was cold, snowing and windy, but on another day, the weather changed to sunny and clear. You should be sure to pack a winter coat along with some sunscreen and sunglasses or goggles! I loved going skiing and I hope people make the most of the Arizona winter season and have snow much fun!

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