Located in Tres Rios Wetlands, next to the ISM Raceway, March 2–3, theTres Rios Nature Festival was a place to destroy boredom. A nice sunny day with a cool breeze and lots of fun made it a perfect weekend. The festival had many activities for all ages—archery, fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, zip lining, hands-on and hands-off exhibits, food, drinks, live music andmore!

The first day it was open, my mom, two sisters, and my brother and I came. It was so much fun! All of us went on the canoe. I sat in front paddling, my older sister sat in the middle with my little sister, while mom was in the back. It was pretty funny when I crashed three times! Yes, I’m a bad canoer.

After that, I went on the zipline. The zipline was really high up and crossed over some trees and where the three rivers met. Good thing I’m not afraid of heights or falling in the water. Then I did some archery while my older and little sister and my older brother sat down and watched. Luckily, I got to do some archery because I was the last person in line. When it was my turn, I missed two power shots out of five. After some more walking we went home.

Since the festival goes on for two days, the second time we brought dad. We went to some of the booths that we didn’t go to the day before, and I interviewed Zack. He works for the Arizona Department of Water Resources. He showed me a model landscape relatively accurate to our open country parts of Avondale. Zack explained that when we don’t clean up our dog’s poop, and when we use fertilizer before it rains—thinking the rainwater will make the fertilizer work better and faster—all of it will wash down and soon end up in our three rivers: the Agua Fria, Gila and Salt rivers. People swim and fish in these rivers. So most likely the fish will get sick and we don’t want to eat sick fish, do we?

Eventually, we went to go on the canoe, but sadly the line was huge, and it was near the end of the day. So my older brother and I did some archery and got a few good shots, then we left. We really enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year.

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