Caped Crusaders & Everyday Heroes Land at i.d.e.a. Museum

"Cowabunga!" What a great place to celebrate superheroes! There are all kinds of superheroes, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-man, at the i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa. Heroes are the highlight of the "Caped Crusaders & Everyday Heroes" event. 

This event is not just about superheroes. It honors everyday heroes in our own communities like police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.    

Heroes are not just found in comic books and on the big screen. Families can do lots of activities together at the i.d.e.a Museum that brings heroes to life. Kids can create their own hero's badge, symbol, or shield. They can create their own superhero puppet and act out an adventure on a puppet stage. Artwork showing superheroes is interesting for kids because it is colorful and exciting. How about the opportunity to dress up as your favorite superhero and "fly" in front of a green screen, then see yourself zooming on a big screen? 

There is a lot of family fun to be had at the i.d.e.a. Museum this spring. The Caped Crusaders & Everyday Heroes event will be open until May 28. There are many special events coming up at the i.d.e.a. Museum, such as "Movie Day" on April 14, "Family Day" on April 29, and "Comic Book Day" on May 6. Check out Idea Museum for information. 

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