Have you wondered what it’s like to swim with dolphins? Well, I will tell you what it’s like.

My Girl Scout troop and I were waiting to go on a trip to Odysea Aquarium and Dolphinaris for a long time! We had to sell a lot of cookies to earn the money for this trip and finally the day came and we headed to Scottsdale. We were super excited even though it was a long ride to the aquarium. I like to look at the shape of the clouds to pass the time.

When we entered the aquarium there were fish tanks on the ceiling and even a shark tank in the restroom! We explored a little and we saw otters, sharks, turtles, sea lions, stingrays, and even a sloth! We were able to touch stingrays in the touch ponds and that was really fun.

Then it was time for what we worked so hard for, Dolphinaris and a dolphin adventure. We watched a short video and learned that dolphins shed their skin about every two hours so they said we would be swimming in skin water! Then it was time to get suited up and swim with dolphins! We headed over to the pool with Ping the dolphin, who was very energetic and sweet. We got in the water, which was really cold. 

First we watched Ping do tricks, then we started interacting with her. There were a lot of commands but we only learned a few of them. We went one by one—I was first. I learned how to dance and kiss the dolphin. To dance with Ping, I had to hold out my arms in front of me then she swam up and touched her flippers to my hands and did a little dance; it was so cool. Then I stood to the side and held out my arm then she swam up and kissed my hand. Then my favorite trick of all time was when I crossed my arms then I leaned to the side and she came up and kissed me on the cheek then I gave her a kiss back, it was so cute! 

After our dolphin experience, we went back to OdySea to explore some more and we even went on the OdySea Voyager. My Girl Scout troop and I really enjoyed our day at OdySea and Dolphinaris!

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