Rats Wreak Havoc in Story

Did you know rats can take over a whole lighthouse by themselves? The short story “Three Skeleton Key” by George Toudouze is a horror story about three men trapped on an isolated island who are suddenly attacked by a ravenous hoard of rats. The narrator, Le Gleo, and Ichoua are lighthouse keepers off the coast of the French Guiana. Hunger drives these formidable rats. These rats were vicious—leaving three men to fight for their lives. They even left a mark on one of the men that could affect him for the rest of his life if he survives. Will this island, Three Skeleton Key, get a new name…Six Skeleton Key?

These rats weren’t any normal rats, but savages, trying to attack the humans and kill them. These rats were a huge threat to all three men in the lighthouse, and they had to keep an eye out for them constantly while working the lighthouse. 

The three men had to fight for their lives against these rats who they knew had killed and eaten the wrecked ship’s crew. This showed how these men were scared, but, also determined to save their own lives. 

“Three Skeleton Key” was a story written to entertain and fill you with suspense. The story feels very real as it is told in first person point of view by the narrator. 

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