My Favorite Pets by Jeanne Birdsall

Book with Sheep Is Not Baaa(d)

I loved the book “My Favorite Pets by Gus W. for Ms. Smolinski’s Class” by Jeanne Birdsall. It’s all about Gus, who lives on a farm with 17 sheep. The sheep are like his best friends, but they don’t talk and even though he has tried, Gus can’t get them to climb a tree, or ride a skateboard. Gus does fun things with the sheep like using one as an umbrella and he tries to get his little brother involved, but he doesn’t like it and cries a lot.

One day Gus lets the sheep into the house and his parents decide that’s the last straw. The sheep made a huge mess and they ate his mom’s orchids. Gus’s Dad sends him to his room, but he still climbs out the window to play with his sheep. Ms. Smolinski is Gus’s teacher and he turns in a report all about his adventures with his fluffy friends. She gives him a B+ grade. The drawings in this book are colorful and fun. The illustrator is Harry Bliss who also creates drawings for a New York magazine.

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