The Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa has a lot of fun things do to. When you go there, you’ll see some cool galleries. One of those galleries is about the early Spanish settlers in Arizona. It also has a dinosaur exhibit, and I liked the cowboy exhibit.

In the early Spanish settlers exhibit, there is a set of Conquistador armor and a replica of an old Catholic Church. In display cases there are weapons like a sword and musket.

On May 17, I attended the dedication ceremony for the new H.S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity, to be run by Gospel Rescue Mission. It will be a one-stop source of shelter and services for the homeless and needy of Tucson. The idea behind the center is to provide the needy with all services they will need to get back on their feet while they are “home.”

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, and Humberto and Czarina Lopez were some of the guest speakers at the ceremony. I had a chance to interview some of them, including the governor.

 Recently my mom and I went to a traveling exhibit at OdySea in the Desert, Bodies Revealed. This exhibit was very fun and helpful. It had lots of different facts about the human body and they were interesting.

There were also models of the muscle and bone structures in the body. But, the bodies were real! They were real people! I know, crazy.

 Sharpen your lances and hang on to your helmets—Scottsdale is traveling back in time to when chivalrous knights in shining armor battled each other in tournaments by jousting and sword-fighting, clashing their way to become their queen’s champion.

 The new Medieval Times dinner theater opens at the Talking Stick Entertainment District this summer. Families will be able to walk among the stone walls of a replica 11th-century Spanish castle and admire the authentic medieval decor and weaponry in the Hall of Arms. There is even a medieval torture museum.

 In Japan, scientists and engineers have worked together to create the maglev train. Maglev means magnetic levitation. Unlike other trains, this train does not have any wheels, but instead runs with magnets.

Imagine driving to work, and you’re going to be late because of all the traffic. The maglev train was built for this purpose. This train makes a faster, easier trip for anybody in a hurry. It does not pollute the environment as other trains do.

 Who is your favorite superhero? Superman, Batgirl or even Spider-Man? Imagine what it would be like to dress up as your favorite superhero and help others! Christina Fay, President of Justice League Arizona, does just that!


 “I’ve been a fan of DC Comics since I was a little girl. I dressed up as Supergirl for Comic-Con where I was recruited,” she says. Fay is 23 and got involved in the Justice League five years ago. This is her first year as president. Fay says that she is the first female president.