455 N. Galvin Pkwy. • Phoenix
June 6–July 29

Welcome to Camp Zoo 2022: Build the Zoo!
This year, Camp is all about finding out what it takes to help save animals. Campers will discover the different ways we look after the animals at the Zoo, while tackling challenges to help save their counterparts in the wild.
They will spend the mornings on the trails, enjoying close encounters with the animals and learning from their care teams, as well as playing games and hanging out in the splash pads. The afternoons will be spent working in groups indoors to tackle design challenges related to their theme, and more Camp Zoo-style fun!
Incorporating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) principles and going through the design, build, test, and revise process, campers will use what they’ve learned about the animals to create real-world solutions and top off the week presenting their design.

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