4861 N. Stone Ave. • Tucson


Open Year Round M–F

Ages: 3 and up

The Jumping Cholla Experience (JCE) is coming this Fall to Defy Tucson,  the largest trampoline and air sports park in Pima County. Our park features numerous attractions for jumping, swinging, leaping, zipping and bouncing, including a 10 set Ninja Course. The program begins with a Park Ranger led tour where you learn how the different attractions are developed, how best to experience them and what makes them tick. Next, the attendees pivot to “hands-on” mode, enjoying the wonders of the attractions for a fun filled hour surrounded by wall art featuring jumping cholla cacti. The JCE combines education and exhilaration for a memorable outing. (The tour has an optional preconfigured lunch/dinner for the attendees.)


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