Kathleen Bowman from Manzanita Elementary

Kathleen Bowman teaches fifth grade at Manzanita Elementary. She teaches social studies and one of the math classes.

Student Sarah Rose nominated Bowman because she says her teacher “has ways that really help me and other kids” and “knows how to teach us in a way that we can really... Read more

Music and wonderful smells fill the air, and skulls and skeletons are everywhere—some made of sugar, others made of paper-mache. And for some reason, the cemetery is aglow with families decorating with bright orange flowers and cleaning the gravesites of loved ones.

Welcome to “El Día de... Read more

A sea turtle struggles through ghost nets

Top Photo: A sea turtle struggles through ghost nets. Photo credit: Francis Perez/PBS.org

A strange looking CONTRAPTION was hauled out to sea last month, and its creators hope that it will... Read more

 Your parents or grandparents may remember Ladmo bags, Call a Kid, Pet

Adoptions, kids in the audience and Wallace, Ladmo and Gerald on stage.

“The Wallace and Ladmo Show” was the longest running kids show in the

Valley, delighting audiences for 36 years with their sketch comedy.


The Wallace and Ladmo Foundation seeks to preserve, nurture and

continue the Wallace and Ladmo legacy, encouraging creativeness and

camaraderie in Arizona’s children. “What better place to do that than at the

What gathers 100,000 people to the streets of downtown Tucson to celebrate loss, life, and the meaning of it all? The All Souls Day Procession, a special night to celebrate those you have lost, is a long lasting tradition in Tucson. As masses of people begin to celebrate and walk down the streets of Tucson, you will see many different cultures and ages come together. It’s easily one of the most celebrated holidays in Tucson with this year’s celebration, Nov. 2-4, being the 29th annual event.