Sandra Noriega at White Elementary

Sandra Noriega teaches fourth grade GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) at White Elementary. Noriega says it was her child’s GATE teacher—also at White Elementary—who motivated her to become a teacher.

When her own two children, now young adults, attended White, Noriega volunteered in... Read more

Hubble Monkey Head Nebula

photo courtesy of NASA

One of NASA’s most famous telescopes, Hubble, hit a rough patch last month but is now back on track!

The Hubble Space Telescope began experiencing a problem on Oct. 5, when one... Read more

Last year during the college football bowl game season, the UofA Wildcats in the PAC 12 conference played Purdue from the Big 10 conference in the Foster Farms Bowl.

The coach for the UofA at the time was Rich Rodriguez. The new coach for the Wildcats is Kevin Sumlin, who was previously coach for Texas A&M. Quarterback for the UofA was Khalil Tate. He set a record for most rushing touchdowns. Arizona’s best linebacker is Colin Schooler, now a sophomore. Arizona had a decent game because of kicker Josh Pollack.

Wildlife Conservation Around the Globe—Begins at Home!

The Phoenix Zoo Helps Native Ferrets Avoid Extinction

Ferret in Hole

Efforts to exterminate prairie dogs throughout the West nearly led to the extinction of black-footed ferrets, the only ferrets native to North America. Now a handful of zoos, including The Phoenix Zoo, are helping this weasel-like predator make a comeback in Arizona and

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