Tiffany Thompson from Agua Caliente Elementary

Tiffany Thompson teaches third grade at Agua Caliente Elementary. She says it was her own third-grade teacher who inspired her.

“I always thought that it would be neat to be a teacher when I was a kid,” says Thompson. She says her students might be surprised to learn that school was not... Read more

 The Tucson Children’s Museum has built a new exhibit called Sense of Place. It is a fun and educational area, with interactive models of well-known areas in Tucson for kids to play on and explore. These include replicas of Sabino Canyon, Colossal Cave, A Mountain, and the “Greetings from Tucson” mural. Building the Sense of Place exhibit took about 4 months, however, planning the exhibittook about eight months. It cost about $200,000. We spoke with executive director Michael Luria and lead discovery guide Ellie Mark.

On Dec. 3, the OSIRIS-REx went into orbit around the asteroid Bennu, 241,000 to 209 million miles away from Earth (depending on its orbit). OSIRISREx is a spacecraft created to gather the largest sample of solid outer space material since the Apollo missions from 1969–1972, when the moon rocks were brought to Earth. For now, it will be scanning and mapping the entire surface of Bennu, which is 500 meters in diameter. The engineers’ planned method to make contact with the asteroid is called Tacsam.

InSight Lands on Mars photo

Have you ever wondered whether there are quakes or temblors on Mars? What about how the planet formed?

Scientists intend to answer those questions and more. The InSight lander touched down at the end of November after a seven-month journey to the Red Planet.

According to NASA,... Read more