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Top Photo: Mrs. Walker at Acacia is honored.

The friendly doctors and staff at Dr. JAW Orthodontists work hard to give kids happy, healthy smiles. Dr. JAW wants to give teachers in Southern Arizona... Read more

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Gigantic 100-foot Gila monster found on Tucson road!

Phoenix buried in snow after week-long August blizzard!

Sometimes fake news is easy to spot because it’s so silly and unbelievable you know it’s made up. But sometimes it is not quite as easy to separate fact from fiction.... Read more

Have you ever read the book “How to Train Your Dragon,” or seen the movie? I would highly recommend both! Cressida Cowell is the author of the series of 12 chapter books in the How to Train Your Dragon series along with

three other books that relate to the series. In both the movie and the books the two main characters, Hiccup and Toothless, have many adventures together.

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Knowing how to find and evaluate accurate news sources and other types of media is important— even for students in primary school.Read more

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 The Egyptian wolf is also called the Egyptian jackal, but is not a jackal at all,

nor did this species originate in Egypt. Instead, it is a member of the wolf family

(Canis aureus lupus ). Egyptian wolves are canines found in the northern areas

of Egypt, the Ethiopian highlands, and the northeastern areas of Libya. The

Egyptian wolf is similar to a jackal, but they are larger and taller than jackals.

They are thin, with a beige, gray or dirty yellow coat.

 The ancient Egyptian god Anubis had the head of a jackal, inspired by the

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 I had an amazing time attending Girls Scout camp at

Sheely Farms. We learned to make items with shaving

cream, glue and food coloring. We made mermaid tails

out of paper and portraits of ourselves out of cardboard.

I also had the opportunity to meet new people.

Miss Ginnie, Girl Scout Program Specialist, couldn’t

 do Girl Scouts as a kid, but thought it would be great

to do it as an adult. Juliet Gordon-Low started Girl

Scouts in 1912. Girl Scouts was made official on March

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This story is about a woman who rides motorcycles. I interviewed my mom, Lupita. She began riding as a child with her dad. She told me about always knowing that she would grow up and ride her own motorcycle one day. Last year, she decided that it was time to buy her own bike. 

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