Field Trips & Family Outings

Field trips are a fantastic way to build excitement and school spirit. And learning or helping pick where the class is headed is always at the top of students’ back-to-school lists.

Learning outside the classroom is a key component of a great education that gives excited students the chance to jump into new experiences and to do hands-on activities. It also gives kids the opportunity to ask professionals questions about their work—maybe in science, technology, performing arts, nature or maybe in some other career field. They also can ask what kind of education and background is helpful for landing such a job.

Wondering what fun and exciting field trips are available nearby or a short driving distance away? Boomer Bear has done the research for you, beginning on this page. The guide lists places that are fun, entertaining and educational for classrooms and for families with homeschoolers.

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East Valley Children’s Theatre provides live theatre experiences for youth age 5-18. Four main stage productions are performed at the Mesa Arts Center with field trip opportunities for school groups. EVCT’S  2019-20 season includes: Disney’s...


Enchanted Island’s scenic, beautiful oasis setting and central location make it the perfect field trip—complete with great food, fun rides, a variety of other exciting activities. Enjoy a new rock wall and a day of unlimited rides. Attractions...