Birthday Guide 2019

Birthdays are a special time for kids. On their special day, they get to be the center of attention and share their day with family and friends. Planning a party can be stressful for parents and trying to find a unique party place that is within the parent’s budget can be stressful too! Bear Essential News has done some research for you and put together a Birthday Guide to help you with your planning. There are many places in Phoenix to celebrate or you could even take a road trip to Tucson to have an exciting party there.

Does your child like animals, sharks, painting, science, dinosaurs, dancing, laser tag, trampolines, gymnastics, mini golf or the old west? There are so many great venues that offer these themes and more!

Here are some helpful tips for planning your party:

Six weeks before the party:

  • Decide how many guest to invite. This will help you decide how large of a venue you will need and what interest the kids have in common.
  • Decide which venue you will hold the party at, call the venue to reserve your party. See if the venue provides decorations, plates, napkins, goodie bags, etc.
  • Choose a theme for the invitations. Decide if you will purchase them at the store or find out if the venue you have selected will provide them.

Four weeks before the party:

  • Plan the order of events during the party. Will you have activities or games when the guest arrive, when will you serve food, when will you serve cake and will your child open gifts at the party or wait until they are at home?
  • Place your cake order with the bakery.

Three weeks before the party:

  • Mail the invitations asking the invitees to RSVP by a certain date if they can attend.
  • Purchase party supplies, goodie bags and items for goodie bags (if your venue does not provide them).
  • Have the birthday child decide on the outfit they will wear at the party. Most parents will buy the child a new outfit because a lot of pictures and videos will be taken of the child that day.

One week before the party:

  • Call those you invited that have not responded.
  • Call the venue to adjust the amount of people coming, if needed.

Day before the party:

  • Pick up cake or make arrangements to pick up on the way to the venue.
  • Fill the goodie bags with candy and small party favors.
  • Make sure camera and video cameras are charged or have fresh batteries.
  • Pack a notepad and pen to write down names and the gift the guest brought so that you can write thank you notes.

One week after party:

  • Mail thank you notes to guests.

Check out Boomer Bear’s 2019 Birthday Guide and start planning for your child’s big day!

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