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There are so many areas of our lives that are directly impacted by the STEM movement, and its potential is pretty much limitless! When we focus our efforts in STEM to understanding the concepts, applying things creatively, understanding what’s happening around us, and using STEM to better our communities, the planet and beyond—we are really moving things forward.

Robotics and drone technology is expanding faster than you can imagine. Artificial intelligence is becoming amazingly powerful. Medicine is making huge strides through genetic research and a better understanding of our complex immune system. And space exploration is helping us better understand who we are and if there might be life beyond our blue planet.

Check out the special pull-out section, “Your Field Guide to Community Action,” brought to you by Sustainability Solutions Festival. The festival is multiple events in the Valley that develop and accelerate sustainability solutions. This is definitely something kids and their families should do!

The Field Guide to Community Action is a celebration of our communities, helping young people appreciate what they have and how they can reimagine the connections between the people and places that make their community special. This Field Guide is full of ways people young and old can make their communities even better!

Following this fabulous pull-out section are four more STEM pages from the Arizona SciTech Festival, which consists of hundreds of events going on throughout the state now through April.

The Festival just introduced its colorful mascot Nova, a very inquisitive and smart gecko. The second page lists some of the festival’s Signature Events, which are great to attend. (There’s more about the Arizona SciTech Festival on the News Highlights page.) For a complete listing of Signature Events and hundreds of other SciTech events, visit

Both ASU Sustainability Solutions Service and the Arizona SciTech Festival are firm believers in getting all students interested in STEM and looking into STEM careers, which can be highly rewarding lifelong pursuits!

Bear Essential News is doing its part by partnering with these fantastic organizations to bring you the activity books and guides, and also wants to invite students in grades 2 through 8 to become science writers for the newspaper.

Our Young Reporters have covered the launch of spaceships and spacecraft, the Science City put on during the Tucson Festival of Books, LEGO League champs and how Valley Metro keeps its lightrail running to help reduce pollution.

Follow your passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and share that enthusiasm with thousands of other young people. Call 1-866- NEWS KID for more info about this free program. Or get the sign-up form at Bear-