Cutout of school bus drawing. Pencils rubber banded together are next to the bus.
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It’s engaging; it’s exciting, and it puts your lesson in a whole new light. What are we talking about? A field trip, of course! Get ready for some hands-on fun and learning. Field trips are back! Check out a few fabulous field trip choices around the Valley. 

crowd of people walking toward the milk museum.Shamrock Farms

Humans have been consuming milk for over a thousand years, and Shamrock Farms has been providing delicious dairy to Arizonans for over 100 years! The family-owned business celebrates 100 years in 2022. 

What started with 20 cows and a single truck in Tucson has grown to a herd of over 20,000 cows and a business that provides food products to almost 100,000 locations. In March, Shamrock Foods received a commendation from the state and a proclamation from the City of Phoenix to OBSERVE its 100th anniversary.

Starting in October, classes can tour a working dairy farm and see the herd, visit an educational museum, and have fun at Roxie’s Outdoor Adventure play area. Touring classrooms will also see simulated milking and an ice cream parlor as they learn about the farm-to-table journey. Visit to reserve an in-person or virtual tour. 

ceramic sculpture. Bust of woman holding a bird.Sky Harbor International Airport

For most of us a trip to the airport means we are going on vacation or dropping off or picking up family or friends. Have you ever thought about taking a tour of the airport? Did you know that airport tours existed? Tours of Sky Harbor are free for school groups, scouting groups, families and anyone interested in learning the history of the airport and aviation. Tours take approximately 90 minutes and you can take a self-guided tour or request a speaker to lead your tour. Tours include a ride on the PHX Sky Train®, a visit to one of the terminals, seeing the airport museum and other new airport amenities.

Sky Harbor first opened in July of 1935 and has added terminals over the years. The airport has many shops, restaurants, a chapel, a sensory room and even aircraft spotting areas where visitors can view and photograph incoming and outgoing aircraft.

Throughout the airport visitors can see works of art including murals, sculptures, mosaics and many fascinating display cases. Other visitor favorites are the stained glass wall, taking pictures under the huge aviator sunglasses, walking across terrazzo art floors, crossing a 193-foot luminescent bridge and seeing the outside desert garden. 

Valley Metro Free Group Field Trip Pass

Now that you have decided where you are going on your field trip, the next question is what type of transportation will you need to get to and from your destination?

Valley Metro provides a free Group Field Trip Pass that is good for up to 35 students, teachers and chaperones per bus or light rail vehicle. These passes are valid Monday–Friday for travel from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Once you have decided on the date and time of your field trip, simply contact Valley Metro and a field trip coordinator will work with you on setting up your transportation. Valley Metro will decide the easiest route for your trip and provide transfer information if needed. Contact the field trip coordinator at least two weeks prior to your trip. You can either call (602) 253-5000 or use the online form located at to request your Group Field Trip Pass. You can also request a free classroom presentation prior to your trip.

Illustration drawing of Boomer showing a text thread on cell phone. Boomer is texting FIELD TRIP TOMORROW!Great Ideas for Your Next School or Family Outing! 

Find the details you need to visit these and other great classroom and family destinations in Bear’s Field Trip Guide in this issue and online at

The Crayola Experience 

3 children wearing crayola merch tee shirts. Behind them is somebody dressed up as a blue crayon.The Crayola Experience in Chandler has 19 hands-on activities for students of all ages to enjoy. Learning about TEXTURE, the science of melting wax and molding shapes makes for a colorful day of fun. 

At the Rainbow Rain station, kids get to play in virtual colorful melted rain. At the Be A Star station students can step into the photo booth and take an individual picture of themselves or one with classmates and that photo prints out as a coloring page. Texture CRAYze is where kids can make fun images with crayon rubbing textures. Students can customize their own crayon and get a little exercise at the Stomp and Play area. In this area kids get to play many fun games using the interactive floor. 

You can get creative and customize your own car or be a fashion designer at the You Design station. You color and scan your creations and it is displayed on a large projected screen.

Before leaving the Crayola Experience you can stop in the Crayola Store and purchase clothing, school essentials, huggable plush crayons and you can build your own box of crayons or markers with the colors that your personally choose.

Teachers can also sign up for a free Bronze Annual Pass.

5 children and 4 adults looking into a petting aquatic tank. Few have hands inside the water. Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium 

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is the perfect place for students to get a real-world lesson in the natural sciences! Kids can feed the lory parrots, see a Wildlife Encounter show and even meet some baby animals at the children’s play area and petting zoo.

Wildlife World Zoo has Arizona largest collection of exotic and endangered animals with over 600 species represented. The zoo in Litchfield Park first opened to the public in 1984. The aquarium opened in 2008 and the safari park opened in 2014. The aquarium has fresh and saltwater fish, amphibians, reptiles, and even mammals (sea lions) and birds!

You can find reading resources and download a scavenger hunt, zoo alphabet bingo and other fun activities from Wildlife World Zoo’s webpage before your visit. Just go to and click on “Plan Your Visit” then Field Trips and Teacher Resources.