Hi, Boomer Bear!

This summer, I'm going to an aerial silks class and art camps.

Yours truly, S.P.

That sure sounds fun, S.P.!

That's where you spin and twist into different positions while suspending yourself by long pieces of material. Don't try this at home&ldash;you need safe equipment and adult instructors. And event with all that, I don't think my claws and polar bear weight are a good combination with those flimsy-looking pieces of material! What kind of art camps will you be enjoying this summer?

Have fun! Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

I'm going to practice typing and read seven chapter books this summer.

Your friend, E.A.

Boomer Bear,

This summer, I'm going to do math workbooks.

Your friend, Z.J.

Dear E.A. & Z.J.,

Libraries here and all over the country are trying to fight the "Summer Slide"—kids not reading enough or not engaging their minds in other ways so they end up forgetting some of what they learned during the last few months of school. It's great that the two of you are working on your skills this summer! Check out your local library for its summer reading program and special programs!

What to stay sharp this summer,
Boomer Bear

June 2016