Greta Thunberg speaking at  the European  Parliament in  April of 2019
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Top Photo: Greta Thunberg speaking at the European Parliament in April of 2019

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There’s no doubt about it: kids can change the world.

From Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Prize, to Jack Andraka, who was in high school when he created a sensor that could detect early signs of pancreatic and other forms of cancer, there is no shortage of examples of kids doing amazing things!

Some kids in the next wave of amazing youth doing inspiring things are focused on the future of the planet and climate change.

Perhaps the most well known in this group is Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede who recently spoke at the United Nations and helped inspire students around the world to walk out of their schools and demand action on climate change.

However, Thunberg is certainly not the only youth fighting for the environment. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is an indigenous climate activist and musician who recently turned 18. He started speaking to world leaders about climate change at just 6 years old and had spoken at the United Nations three times by the age of 15. He is also one of nearly two dozen young plaintiffs in a youth-led lawsuit against the federal government for failing to protect the environment.

Mari Copeny, also known as “Little Miss Flint,” is only 12 years old but she gained national attention back in 2016. Back then, at age 8, she wrote a letter to then-President Barack Obama about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Her letter helped bring national attention to the issue after inspiring President Obama to visit Flint. Since writing that letter, Mari has continued to fight for clean, drinkable water. She is trying to help share drinkable water with others by working with a water-filtration company to bring water filters to communities without clean water.

These kids, and countless others show us all that anything is possible. While many of the kids doing big things are working on different problems, they all collectively demonstrate the power of determination.

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