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Yes, Arizona is in a long-term drought. Fortunately, the Phoenix Suns surprised fans and sportswriters by breaking its 28-year NBA Finals drought!

In the Western Conference Finals, the Suns, led by a 41-point, 8-assist game by veteran point guard Chris Paul, closed out its series against the Clippers 4-2 on June 30. 

The team is taking on Eastern Conference champs, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Phoenix Suns LogoPhoenix Suns Facts:

• Suns regular season: 51-21

• Point guard Chris Paul is 36, Devin Booker is 24, Deandre Ayton is 22

• Head coach: Monty Williams

• Previous NBA Finals appearances: 1976 & 1993

Finishing an impressive regular season, the Suns showed it had an explosive offense and could win on the road.

In the opening round of the Western Conference playoffs, the Suns downed the L.A. Lakers 4–2 before taking down the Denver Nuggets in four straight games.

Paul (aka CP3), Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton lead the Suns. Paul, an 11-time NBA All-Star who has more than 10,000 career assists, gives the team much-needed leadership. In his 16 years in the league, Paul has never won the NBA Finals, and the Suns also never have won the NBA Finals! Booker is one of the most sensational young players in the league, and Ayton (who played for the University of Arizona for a season) continues to make big plays and grabs lots of rebounds.

CP3 was traded to the Suns this season and wanted to come here for a lot of reasons. But the #1 thing was to be on the court with Devin Booker. “I’m just so happy for all the people around me. This group right here! This group right here! Man, since Day 1, they welcomed me with open arms,” he said after the big win.

Could this be the time the Suns win it all? The Bucks’ last Finals appearance was back in 1974!

Phoenix hosted the first two NBA Finals games on July 6 and 8. The Bucks play host on July 11 and 14. Games 5 thru 7, if needed, run from July 17–22.

July 2021