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WASHINGTON - Arizona emergency management officials said they have safeguards in place that should prevent a false alarm like the one that rattled Hawaiian residents, who received an erroneous report of a ballistic missile attack. Read more

According to legend, the yeti is a large, ape-like creature that lives among some of the world’s highest mountains—the Himalayas. But have researchers found the key to unraveling this mystery? Read more

Recent reports out of Roatan, a tiny island off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean, its scenic coastline has been inundated with plastic trash—everything from bags and bottles to plastic utensils. Read more

Out of about 18,000 breeding pairs of these black-and-white birds, the scientists found only two chicks survived. Read more

Viking burial site recently gave scholars a surprise. It turns out that this ancient Viking warrior, always assumed to be male, was actually a woman! Read more

The countdown clock ticked away the minutes, as students finished their escape into an innovative learning experience at a Valley school district. Read more

When a child sees one of his or her parents arguing with the other in a destructive way, it can take a toll on how emotionally secure the child feels. Read more

Accoding to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Phoenix metro area saw wages increase higher than anywhere else in the country in the past year.  Read more