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Within Wildlife Zoo is the remarkable 15-acre Safari Park for you to experience, especially if you’re fascinated by the African Savanna. 

You can see a wide variety of Savanna wildlife in Safari Park, from gazelle and antelope to amazing African birds and wildebeest to hyena and big cats, including the fastest land mammal on earth—the cheetah!

For an additional fee, there’s an optional tram ride which lets you appreciate some of this wildlife INSIDE their spacious enclosures. The tram ride, operated by a zoo employee who knows how to work with these African animals, slowly takes you through six big wildlife exhibits. Be sure to bring your camera or camera phone for photos and videos.

Safari Park helps you make the connection with the African Savanna and its creatures as you walk along the path, learning about and observing the animals like Addra gazelle, sable antelope, springbok, greater kudu, beisa oryx, sitatunga,  warthogs, Watusi cattle, spotted hyena, black-backed jackals, olive baboons, spider monkey, capuchin, ring-tailed lemur, cheetah, serval and African lion.

Some of the African birds to see are ostrich, East African crowned crane, silvery-cheeked and Von der Decken’s hornbills, vasa parrot, pied crow, Abdim’s stork, demoiselle crane and African gray parrot.

And in Wildlife World Zoo’s Baby Nursery, you can see the African cats born this past fall—a leopard cub and three lion cubs!

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February 2017