Bosa Donuts Teacher of the Month Molly Sanborn
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Molly Sanborn teaches second grade at Carlson Elementary. Sanborn has been a teacher for over two decades—this is her 23rd year of teaching. She has taught at the college level and worked as a reading specialist for K–3. 

Sanborn is a native of Mesa and says she knew she wanted to teach when she was in third grade. “I always liked playing school and started helping around the classroom,” she says. 

She says her students “are always surprised to hear that I used to be terrible in math.” Sanborn says when she went to college and learned how to teach math, she really turned a corner. Now math and reading are her favorite subjects to teach.

Sanborn was nominated by Robin, her student from a few year ago who now comes into the class as a reading buddy. Robin writes, “(Sanborn) made school really fun! She is very nice. The way she teaches makes hard stuff much easier.” 

This teacher is also a fan of her student nominator. Sanborn recalls that Robin was in her class during virtual learning, and adds, “I cannot say enough about that kid. She was always ready to go and would have all her assignments done” despite the less than ideal circumstances.

Sanborn says that keeping in touch with her former students is one of the benefits of teaching at Carlson for many years. It means “lots of hugs in the hallway and extra helpers...I love that about teaching at the same school,” she reflects. Sanborn has three children, and notes that her free time is spent hanging out with them, running, reading or watching movies. She also works two side jobs. “I absolutely love teaching,” she explains. “I would rather teach and do something else on the side” rather than pursue a different career. 

Sanborn says, “I feel that a lot of the time teachers get a bad rap...I think teaching is super underrated.”  

While academic skills are always important, Sanborn hopes that her students also learn the life skills of being kind and helping each other. 

Such courtesy “goes a lot further than you think it will,” she says.

September 2022