Matthew Kreamer is the P.E. teacher at Sycamore Elementary. He has been in the Vail School District for five years and taught third-, fourth- and fifth-grade in the Amphitheater

District before that. 

The Tucson native graduated from Amphi High School. He says he has always loved working with kids—through Vacation Bible School, sports camps or swim teams. 

“I am truly fortunate to get to do what I love,” says Kreamer.

On his school web page, Kreamer writes that his goal is to “show my students that there are a variety of ways to be physically active and all are important, that eating healthy is fun, tasty and important, and that sports are a great way to learn the correct way to work with and treat others.”

Parent Ana Briceno nominated Kreamer. She says she appreciates the time he devotes to programs like Fitness Club, Family Wellness Night, Jump Rope for Heart and other school activities “that support our students at Sycamore.” 

“Mr. Kreamer is a great teacher because he is passionate and shares his love of learning with his students. He makes his students feel important and that their hard work pays off,” Briceno writes. She says that Kreamer is kind and generous and adds, “You can always find Mr. Kreamer on campus smiling and helping out a student, parent, teacher or staff member. My children often talk about how much they learned from him and that he is one of the reasons they love school.” 

Away from school, Kreamer likes to hang out with his family. He enjoys playing and watching sports, and says his entire family got together to watch the Super Bowl. Kreamer’s dad is from Philadelphia, so they were all excited to see the Eagles win.

Kreamer also likes to cook, go to concerts and read non-fiction. His dad was a history teacher, and the love of history carried over—he especially enjoys books about World War II and the Civil War.


Fun Facts:
Sports Fan: Kreamer roots for the UofA Wildcats, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Eagles.
Who knew, mate?: After high school graduation, Kreamer spent two weeks in Australia. He got to play American rules football, tried to feed a kangaroo (a tour bus had just left and the ’roos weren't hungry any longer), and held a koala. He says koalas are heavier that you might imagine!


March 2018