Kristin Breinlinger, Sycamore Elementary
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Kristin Breinlinger has been teaching for 14 years. The Long Island native taught for four years in New York before moving to Arizona. She teaches third grade at Sycamore Elementary.  

Breinlinger was inspired to become a teacher because of a history teacher at her middle school. “At first I wanted to become a history teacher,” she admits, but after a stint working in special education, she ended up teaching third grade. 

She enjoys teaching reading, math and writing, and encourages her students to do their best and believe in themselves.

“Mrs. B. has helped me improve on my time management and provided individualized attention to me,” writes student Kevin, who nominated Breinlinger. 

He explains that with his teacher’s help, he has been able to improve his reading comprehension and his test grades, too.

“She praises me for my strengths and never makes me feel bad for my weaknesses. She ensures all of her students feel cared for and successful,” Kevin adds.

In her free time, Breinlinger likes to watch Netflix, and she enjoys being crafty—she makes designs for T-shirts and signs for her classroom. Her signs remind students to stay positive, be kind and be a good friend. She also loves the outdoors. She says she and her family spend a lot of time outside, swimming and playing sports.

This gem of a teacher spends a lot of her time near a baseball diamond. “We’re a baseball family,” she explains, as three of her four sons play the sport.

According to Breinlinger, her 14 years of teaching have gone by too fast, but she continues to enjoy it because “I love sharing my love for learning with children.”

“Children are all unique and special, and I love to support all of them as they grow,” Breinlinger adds.

Fun Facts:

Favorite children’s book: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss

One Weird Trick: “I can flip my eyelids inside out,” says Breinlinger.

January 2020