Teacher of the Month Maureen Davies, Gifted and Talented teacher
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Maureen Davies is the Gifted and Talented teacher for third- and fourth-graders from three Mesa elementary schools. Students from Entz, Field and Highland meet with Davies in cohorts once a week—on two days she teaches third-graders and on two days she has fourth-graders.   

Davies has been teaching for over 20 years. This is her second year in gifted education. During the pandemic, the school district offered scholarships to teachers who would get their certificate in gifted education through ASU, she explains. So Davies took courses to become a gifted teacher while she was also teaching remotely.

“I just love it,” Davies says of her new specialty. “I’m so glad I made the switch.”

While third-graders are working on simple machines during the year, fourth-graders are learning Newton’s Laws of Motion and the science of sports. It can get a little crazy having a different group of students each day, Davies admits, but “We have some things in common.” Both grade levels are working on logic, engineering and creativity. She explains that her classes are filled with Cs—namely creativity, collaboration, communications and critical thinking.

Davies is originally from New Jersey. She spent a lot of time in her younger days on the Jersey shore, she says. These days she gets her beach fix by visiting San Diego. Davies also has her classroom decorated with a beach theme, with resident manatees and mermaids.

Something she loves as much as the beach is books. “I’m an avid reader,” Davies shares. “I always want to keep learning. I share that with my students.”

Beyond the subjects that Davies teaches and the help and inspiration that she gives to students, nominating student William notes that his teacher is “very happy.”

A big part of that contentment may be thanks to finding what it is she loves to do. “Just end up doing what you love,” Davies advises her students. That’s what she has done.

December 2022