Letters to Boomer

Boomer Bear,
I was wondering if I could learn about your bear family.

Your friend, A.F.

¡Hóla A.F.!
Didja know that I just turned 10?

So happy birthday to me! I was born up in the northernmost reach- es of Canada. I was just a cub when mom and dad packed up the station wagon and headed south...all the way to the Sonoran Desert. My dad works at the community food bank, and mom works on air-conditioning systems. When I was little, they’d read to me all the time. Now I’m a very good reader and attend Bear Canyon Elementary. I’m the coolest polar bear in the desert!

Adiós, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,
I’d like Donald Trump to be the next U.S. president. He’d be a good president because I believe that he can make this country the greatest.

Yours truly, O.M.

Boomer Bear,
I would like Hillary Clinton to be

the next U.S. President because she has experience from being first lady.

Sincerely, O.L.

Dear Boomer,
I’d say my friend should be the

next U.S. President because she is always determined and hardworking.

Your friend, H.L

I would say Morgan Freeman

should be the next U.S. President because he has a cool voice and seems like a great guy.

yours truly, O.C.

Dear Boomer,
I think I should be the next U.S. President! I will change the world.

Your friend, S.S.

Wow, O.M., O.L., H.L., O.C. & S.S.! Now that’s a variety of responses

I never would have expected. This presidential race fascinates me. In fact, this month’s main feature is about the race, who’s running on which ticket AND it gives you an opportunity to cast an unofficial vote for one of the four presidential candidates (or none of them, if you so choose). Check it out on pages 10 and 11. Morgan Freeman, really? And S.S.—I don’t think you quite meet the minimum age requirement of 35.

If you’d like to have your vote counted on our voting booth for kids, go to the feature or head directly to www.BearEssentialNews.com.

Can’t wait to find out who will be our new president!

Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

I want to go to New Mexico to visit some family that I haven’t seen in a while.

Your friend, S.M.

Hey, S.M.!
Great idea, especially with the holidays coming up. I still have polar bear relatives way up in Northern Canada, but rarely get to see ’em. Hopefully, New Mexico is an easier destination for your family to visit than Canada is for my family! When you get to visit, what are some of your favorite things to do? Up north, my family
loves play- ing hockey and throwing around the football. It’s always a great time when we get together.

Hope you get to go, Boomer Bear


The best part of being a Young Reporter is talking to people.

Your reporter, E.S.

Hey, E.S.,
I feel the same way! As a reporter for Bear Essential News, I get to meet all sorts of interesting people!

The Young Reporters Program is open to all kids in grades 3 through 8, and on Saturday, Oct. 22, we’re put- ting on our annual Young Reporters Workshop!

It’s free and gives you the training and materials you need to start report- ing for Bear Essential News AND you can air your stories on TV with KVOA-4.

It goes from 9 till noon, and there’s Pizza Hut pizza at the end! Your parent or teacher must call to reserve your space. See details on page 22.

Write for me & be on TV!

October 2016