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Boomer Bear/Mascot

Boomer reading under a tent.

Dear Boomer,

How many authors will show up at the Tucson Festival of Books?

Your friend forever, L.B.

Dear Boomer,

At the Festival of Books, I would like to meet my favorite people!

Yours truly, P.H.

Dear L.B. & P.H.,

When it comes to reading and science fun, there’s nothing bigger and more fun than the Tucson Festival of Books in the state!

The two-day fun-for-all is March 2 and 3 on the UofA campus, going from 10 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. for both days. The event and street parking are FREE! (Of course, there are all sorts of your favorite or other fantastic books to buy and have signed, plus a fiesta of food. There is a free book giveaway in the children’s area, so stop by the tent.

Check out the middle pullout pages of this newspaper for the complete schedule of Children/Teen happenings, including where well over a hundred kid and young adult writers and illustrators will be!Enjoy lots of hands-on activities in the kids area and at Science City.

Science City takes up the east side of the Uof A Mall and offers dozens of tents of things to build and experiments to do. We have the Science City pullout guide here, too!

Bear is in tent #303, Boomer Bear

Hello, Boomer Bear,

What inspired you to start this (newspaper) program?


Great question, A.H.!

Bear Essential News and its Cub Reporter Program were started almost 40 years ago here in the Old Pueblo by a TUSD teacher and her husband, a graphic designer. But we all know that I was the inspiration for the whole thingit wouldn’t be “Bear” without the Bear! 

Your buddy, BoomerBear 

Boomer Bear,

What is your favorite food? P.S.—I just sent in my cyberbullying story.

Your Young Reporter, A.A.

Much appreciated, A.A.,

Learning about cyberbullying and what to do if you, a sibling or a friend experience it are super important these days, so I appreciate you covering it. FYIPepperoni pizza is my favorite food.

Yum! Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I would like to cover Peter Larangis, one of the authors of “The 39 Clues,” at the Festival of Books.

Thanks, B.P.

He’ll be there, B.P.! 

I also want to encourage young readers to participate in Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! program, where you can earn free Personal Pan Pizzas for reaching your monthly reading goals.

Readers are winners, Boomer

February 2019 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Boomer sitting on iceberg reading.

Dear Boomer,

Do you like being on the covers of the newspaper?

Yours truly, E.A.

Dear E.A.,

Who wouldn’t love being on the cover of Bear Essential News?! What’s really cooland I don’t know if it’s just me or Art Director Gary Shepard, who draws mebut I always look good on the cover! Remember to find the 10 hidden items on the cover, too.

It’s not just about me, Boomer Bear

Boomer Bear,

At the Tucson Festival of Books, I would like to see the authors of all the hit books.

Your friend, L.B.

You’ve come to the right place, L.B.!

The Festival of Books is coming early to the UofA this year—March 2 and 3. As usual, Bear Essential News will be near the Children’s area over by the Modern Languages Building, so stop by Tent #303 and say hi. We have a News Highlights story on page 5 about some of the fabulous authors and illustrators who create books for kids or young adults.  Three-time Caldecott Medal winner David Weisner will be at TFOB. Juana Martinez-Neal, whose book, “Alma and How She Got Her Name,” was just dubbed a Caldecott Honor Book, will be there, too. And you can also meet James Dean of Pete the Cat fame. 

See you there, Boomer Bear 

Dear Boomer,

How do you come up with interesting stories?

Thank you, D.K.

Hi, Boomer,

What are your best stories?

Your friend, S.C.

Dear D.K. & S.C.,

This polar bear is such a newshound! To sniff out great stories for readers like you, I keep up with the news online, in the newspaper and on TV (you may have seen my Young Reporters delivering their stories Saturdays on KVOA-4). Kids in grades 2 thru 8 can visit BearEssentialNews.com to print and fill out my YR Sign-Up Form to become an official Young Reporter. There are a ton of events coming up that make for great stories! La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (aka the Tucson Rodeo), the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Young Reporter Science Night (see page 28) and the Tucson Festival of Books, just to name a few. Young Reporters are our eyes and ears at their schools, on their teams and in their communities! 

Be a Reporter, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

It’s important to respect others and to be kind so people don’t get sad.

When you’re kind to others, they are kind to you.

Thank you, E.H.

Those are some kind thoughts, E.H.! 

 Respecting others is something we all need to keep in mind. Just because someone is different or has different views doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. And you’re rightbeing kind to others can go a long way!

 Thank you, Boomer Bear

January 2019 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Boomer swinging at a piñata.

Dear Boomer,

My New Year’s resolution is to get better at spelling so I can write a big story!

Your friend, P.H.

Good for you, P.H.!

Writing gives you valuable practice when it comes to spelling. And just because you don’t spell well yet, don’t let that keep you from writing your BIG story. Once you’ve written your first draft, you can go back and edit it for spelling, punctuation, etc. And one of the best ways to learn new words and how to spell them is to read a lot!

Thank you, Boomer Bear

Hey Boomer,

For New Year’s Day, we partied at our house with all our family.

Yours truly, P.

What a great time, P.!

I stayed up with my folks, watching the rainy Times Square celebrations on TV. We watched the dazzling ball drop, complete with fireworks and cheers from the crowd below. 

Make it a great year! Boomer

Dear Boomer,

This year, I want to write about kids who are making differences in their communities.

Thanks, H.B.

Dear H.B.,

There are so many young people who help make things better for others. Some are part of neighborhood clean up crews. Some collect food, coats or blankets to donate. Some help at their local animal shelter. I’m looking forward to your story! 

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

Happy New Year, Boomer!

When it came time to celebrate New Year’s, we played games, watched movies with family and ate many snacks.

from H.

Happy New Year to you, too, H.! Sounds like a great way to usher in 2019.

Sincerely, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

As a (Young) Reporter, I would like to write about activities happening  at school.

Young Reporter, S.S.

Sounds like a plan, S.S.!

Young Reporters are our eyes and ears for what’s happening at their schools, in their clubs, on their teams and wherever they may be.

Any kid in grades 2 through 8 can join my Young Reporters Program! Just print out the sign-up form at BearEssentialNews.com and bring it to our next Young Reporter Night, which is Thursday, Nov. 12 from 5 till 6 p.m. at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot. You’ll get your official Young Reporters Kit and have a chance to win prizes, too!  

Write for me, Boomer Bear

Hi, Boomer!

(As a Young Reporter) I want to write about the weather and my vacation.

 — V.O.

Dear V.O.,

Start writing before the snow melts! It was fantastic that many places around Phoenix and Tucson got snow on New Year’s Day and a few days later. A lot of kids traveled to some interesting places that make for good news stories, too!

Your buddy, Boomer

Boomer peeping through wreath

Dear Boomer,

I like helping serve meals to the homeless, especially around the  holidays.

Yours truly, R.A.

Happy Holidays, R.A.!

I’m sure life is hard for homeless people. The basics like staying warm and dry, finding a place to sleep and getting the food you needthings we take for grantedare probably daily challenges. Here in Arizona, we have tens of thousands of homeless adults and kids, so I’m really glad you take the time to help serve up some good food. Check out myfeature on pages 12–13, “Food for EVERY Body,” on how you and classmates can help!

Keep up the good work, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I am most thankful for making friends since I just moved here!

Your friend, M.K.

Good hearing from you, M.K.

Moving to a new place isn’t easy, but it gives you the chance to make new friends. Hopefully, they’ll show you fun things to do at school and around the Old Pueblo! 

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

What is your fave food? And what is your favorite movie?


Good questions, S.S.!

When it comes to food, Thanks-  giving mashed potatoes and gravy  are great, as are all those decadent desserts during the holidays. But those who know me know that my favorite food is available year  roundpepperoni pizza!

For some reason, I usually like movies with animals in them. The preview of the remake of “The Lion King” looks great, but it isn’t in  theaters till July. 

All my best, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer & Bear Essential News,

I like to read the letters in your newspaper.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! 

Your friend, R.M.

Thank you, R.M.

Your holiday card with the polar bear mama and her two cubs is adorable. I put it up in the office for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Holidays, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

My favorite food during the holidays are my nana’s tamales.

Your friend, V.O.

I’m so there, V.O.!

I love red beef, pork and green corn tamales. So remember to have your nana invite me to the celebrations next time she’s making any of these.

Yum! Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

My favorite community service project is working on a community garden.

—C.M. Dear C.M.,

Community gardens are such a great idea. Being grown right there can mean fresher, healthier food for you and your family. Plus, it makes for closer neighbors. Read about growing food in my food feature!

Get planting, Boomer Bear

November 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Dear Boomer,

My favorite food during the holidays is turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Your friend,


Dear H.B.,

I can’t wait for Thanksgivingthe smell of turkey roasting in the oven, pumpkin pie, and gravy simmering on the cooktop! 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Boomer Bear

Boomer Bear,

My favorite holiday is Halloween because you dress up and you get treats.

Yours truly, S.C.

Dear Boomer,

My favorite holiday is Halloween—it is the only time I will dress up!

from A.L.

Dear S.C. & A.L.,

Hope you had a hauntingly happy Halloween! What did you go as? Just to let you know, I made the perfect Totoro. It got me a ton of candy, including some of my faves: Swedish Fish (I’m a bear after all), candy corn and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 

Your buddy, Boomer

Hi, Boomer!

My favorite holiday is Christmas because my family gets time to be together.

Yours truly, S.S.

Dear Boomer,

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to see all my family.



My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love spending time and opening presents with my family.

Your friend, H.B.

Happy Holidays, S.S., S.C. & H.B.!

While any holiday that brings family together is great, Christmas is certainly a super special time.

Christmas songs help get me into the spirit of the season, and I love trying to come up with thoughtful gifts for my friends and family. 

Have a merry one! Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I would like to cover events that are happening in Arizona or (do) book reviews.

Young Reporter R.A.

Great timing, R.A.! 

’Tis the season for holiday events. There are concerts, plays, parades and special events at places like zoos, botanical gardens, museums and kid-oriented places.

And the winter break is when I catch up on the books that I’ve been wanting to read, especially new releases. Can’t wait for your stories.

Thanks, Boomer Bear

Dear Bear,

My fave holiday food is pumpkin pie.

Your friend, A.V.

Dear A.V.,

I totally agreeYUM!

Thanks, Boomer Bear

Boomer-shaped pumpkin

October 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Hi, Boomer!

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Your friend, B.F.

Dear B.F.,

Halloween definitely gets things off to a great holiday start for me.  Costumes, ghoulishly good makeup and a pillowcase full of candy are a few of my favorite Halloween things! Then there’s all that good food and family time during Thanksgiving. And then comes winter break with my family celebrating ChristmasI love the music and the joy of the season.

Happy Holidays, Boomer Bear

Happy Birthday, Boomer Bear!

I had a wonderful experience when you had a showing for “Planes” many years ago. I’m in eighth grade now but still love reading your newspaper and hope to be a Young Reporter soon.

Thank you, T.T.

Dear T.T.,

What a memory you have and thanks for the birthday wishes.

Any kid in grades 3 thru 8 can be one of my Young Reporters and write for Bear Essential News and even air their stories on TV with KVOA-4, our long-time media sponsor. We have free Young Reporter Nights on the third Thursday of each month. This month it’s at the Bookmans on Speedway near Wilmot on Oct. 18 from 5 till 6 p.m. You can sign up there and get your Young Reporters Kit so you can get started! Check out page 22 for details!

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

Happy Birthday, Boomer!

We enjoy the newspaper.


Happy Birthday, Boomer!

Thank you for keeping kids writing and informed!


Aw, thank you A.M. & J.S.! 

I love knowing that kids and their families are getting the most out of my newspaper.

J.S., I appreciate the recognition. It takes a whole team to produce this educational newspaper.

Thank you, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

How many newspapers do you make (print) a year?

Your Reporter, D.M.

Dear Boomer,

Are you as old as Bear Essential 

Yours truly, I.B.

Hey, D.M. & I.B.

Here in Arizona we print over a million newspapers a year! The newspaper got its start in September, and this is our 40th year of providing great news for kids and classrooms. Last month, I turned 10.

Yours truly, Boomer Bear

September 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson


Where were you born? And how old are you? I was born in Tucson and am 5 years old.

Your pal, D.S.J.

You’ve got great timing, D.S.J.!

With this issue, Bear Essential begins its 40th year of delivering great news to kids, classrooms and families. So be sure to check out my main feature with your parent(s)about how the newspaper got its start here in Tucson. September is also MY birthday month, but I’m just turning 10.

I wasn’t born heremy family and I came down from Northern Canada when I was just a cub!

Your birthday buddy, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I like writing for other kids. (Actually) I like writing for anyone or anything, and I like reporting!

Yours truly, C.W.

Wow, C.W.

Do I ever dig your love of writing. And for any kid in grades 3 through 8 who would like to start writing for Bear Essential News and even air their stories on TV with KVOA-4, call us at (520) 792-9930 to sign up for the Young Reporters Workshop! It’s Saturday morning, Sept. 15 at KVOA Studios. Professional journalists from TV and print will teach you what you need to know to get started. At this free workshop, you’ll also get your official press pass and Young Reporters Kit so you’ll have the reporting tools you need. We’ll serve up pizza and refreshments to close out the workshop. Hurry, you only have a few days to call 792-9930 to reserve your spot.

Report for me! Boomer Bear

Help, Boomer!

I like this boy and everyone in my grade knows, including him. What should I do?

Thank you, T.P.

Dear T.P.,

There’s nothing wrong with liking someoneit’s how you act that matters. Take it easy, be nice, and see how he acts toward ya! I usually encourageyoung people to pursue friendship because a good friend can make all the difference in the world. Hope everything works out for you!

Best of luck, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I hope you like the cupcake (I drew for you). I really enjoy the contests that you put up, and I like the newspaper itself. I’ve always wanted to know your real name. By the way, I was born 9-27-02.


Thanks for the cupcake, T.M.C.! 

The contests are a whole lot of fun, not just winning, but also doing the activities. Happy birthday, T.M.C. I figure you’ll be turning sweet 16 later this month! Hope you’re still a fan of this newspaper.

Best wishes, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

I think my favorite pizza toppings are bacon, cheese and NOT pineapple.

Yours truly, H.S.


My favorite pizza topping is cheese—I just love it so much!!!

Do you?

— L.M.

Dear Boomer,

My favorite pizza topping is BACON! I love bacon! Do you like bacon, Boomer?

— B.B.

Dear H.S., L.M. & B.B.,

For the record, pepperoni pizza is my favorite food, and I think pineapples everywhere are either disappointed or relieved that H.S. doesn’t like ’em! Being from Canada, I prefer Canadian bacon on my pizza. That ooey, gooey cheese definitely can make or break a pizza.

Your pizza pal, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer Bear,

I hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday! I really enjoy working for your newspaper and having you (as) a friend! It’s a good feeling to see my stories published on the “Get the Scoop!” page or other parts of Bear Essential News. You’re a really good mascot.

Your best friend, B.E.

That card ROCKS, B.E.!

Thanks for all your efforts. I enjoy reading what you write.

Your buddy, Boomer

August 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Dear Boomer,

The best part about going back to school is getting a new start in a new school—I love it.

Yours truly, W.H.

Love your positivity, W.H.!

Hope this new school of yours leads to some really great friends and lots of learning. Let me know how you like your new teachers, too.

Have a great year, Boomer Bear

Boomer Bear,

The best part about going back to school is that I get to see my friends. That’s good because then I have people to play with.

Your friend, W.N.

Dear Boomer,

The best part about going back to school is meeting new friends because it’s fun.


Welcome back, W.N. & B.B.!

I didn’t get to see most of my friends during summer break, and I missed ’em a whole lot. On the bright side, I did get in tons of pool time and most of it was with a few of my neighborhood friends. I was in the pool so much this summer, I think my fur is still drying out!

Glad to be back, Boomer Bear

Hi, Boomer!

When it comes to news, I trust articles that have proof.

Sincerely, P.S. Dear Boomer,

When it comes to news, I trust KVOA.

Young Reporters, C.M., D.M., S.M. & W.H.

Dear C.M., D.M., S.M. & W.H.,

Being Young Reporters who are broadcast on KVOA-4, I should hope you trust its news! And P.S. is rightalways look for proof (accurately reported, that is) when it comes to news you’re unsure of. To help you separate fact from fiction and report the facts accurately, be sure to read this month’s feature all about media literacy!

Always be accurate, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

When it comes to news, I trust BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation).

Your friend, K.J.

Dear Boomer,

When it comes to news, I trust FOX News and KHON-2 (TV news out of Honolulu). Other than that, I don’t watch the news.

— K.L.

Dear K.J. & K.L.,

You get your news from some really interesting sources! I also enjoy BBC coverage (the English accents are fun to listen to, too).

I’d be interested to know how news is covered in Hawaii compared to here in Arizona. 

Stay well-informed! Boomer

Hi, Boomer!

The best part about going back to school is history class because I have a passion for it and strive in that class.

Your friend, S.M.

Dear Boomer,

I feel a bit bored during summer, and I do well in school. Usually it’s just a relief to have something to study, to do.

Yours truly, K.L.

Well said, S.M. & K.L.!

Enjoy your studies and have a “beary” good school year.

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

February 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Dear Boomer,

WOW! The Young Reporter Night was awesome—thank you so much! My favorite part was hiking (after sundown). I am so glad that my family and I could be there. Thank you again!

your reporter, C.M.

What a great adventure, C.M.!

For Young Reporters and those who want to start writing for Bear Essential News, call us at (520) 792-9930 to save your spot at our YR Science Night!

You’ll love this if you enjoy science and nature (and barbecue, too). This is a Signature Event for the 2018 Arizona SciTech Festival and happens on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, starting at 3:30 p.m. Bear is teaming up with Saguaro National Park West for an unforgettable night to learn about what’s around us. This year, we’re adding astronomy and will go for a nature hike to learn about what creeps and crawls in the Sonoran Desert.

YR Science Night is free! It starts in Saguaro National Park West’s Visitor Center to watch a short movie on the environment. Then we head out to enjoy barbecued burgers and hot dogs before looking through telescopes and taking a nature hike. You must call ahead of time to reserve your spot. And if you want something sooner, come to our Young Reporter Night at the Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot on Thursday, Feb. 15 from 5 till 6 p.m. It’s free, and if you have a story to have edited, bring it in around 4:30.

See ya there, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer Bear,

Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re a good friend to me, and I like you very, very much. I really enjoy writing…stories for Bear Essential News. I have fun reading your newspaper

every month. It’s full of excitement and fun. I also enjoy doing the (front cover) Seek ’N Find!

from B.E.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, B.E.!

That’s such a great card you created for me. I like it so much that I put it up in my office! Enjoy all those candied hearts and the little messages written on ’em!

Thanks so much, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

After (reading your feature on drones) and deep consideration, I think drones are helpful in many ways.

Police officers use helicopters to catch criminals. They waste a lot of money to ensure that they find (the criminals). A cheaper alternative is to use drones. They are small, unexpected and affordable. Thieves won’t know what hit ’em until they’re behind bars!

yours truly, B.W.

Dear B.W.,

What a great use for drone technology! It would help keep officers safe while giving them the element of surprise. That drone feature was so fun to research and write. Thanks for sending in your entry and cool ideas!

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

January 2018 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Happy New Year, Boomer Bear!

My New Year’s resolution is to get better grades and to learn more about reporting.

yours truly, S.C.


Happy New Year to you too, S.C.!

A lot of kids need to work on doing better at school. The question is, how do you plan on making better grades? Are you going to be more attentive during class? Study harder and with less distractions at home? Get help from your teacher or ask for a tutor for tough subjects?

For reporting, my Young Reporter Night is the third Thursday of each month, so it’s Thursday, Jan. 18 at the Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot from 5 till 6 p.m. It’s free, and if you have a story to edit, bring it in a little earlier!

See ya there, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

For the rest of the school year, I’m going to be prepared and willing to learn.

yours truly, A.L.


Boomer Bear,

To make the rest of the school year a success, I’m going to study hard!

your friend, O.M.


Welcome to 2018, A.L. & O.M.!

What great attitudes to have as you head back to school. I had a fabulous winter breakmy aunt and uncle and a couple of my cousins came down from up north, I got some great new books and organized the stuff I needed for school. I can’t wait to see my friends again, and I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Best of luck, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

I’d like my class to take a trip to the Humane Society so kids can think about adopting animals.

from A.W.


Dear A.W.,

That sounds like a great plan for a field trip! The Humane Society does such important work when it comes to finding awesome, sometimes abandoned pets their forever homes. Fortunately, if you adopt a puppy or kitten, dog or cat from there, it has to be spayed or neutered first. That really helps in keeping down the numbers of unwanted or abandoned pets here.

Have a great New Year, Boomer Bear


Boomer Bear,

My New Year’s resolution is to be a better writer.

Happy New Year, A.L.


Dear Boomer,

My New Year’s resolution as a Young Reporter is to write news stories!

yours truly, C.M.

Dear A.L. & C.M.,

Writing is like sportsthe more you work at it, the better it gets. Have fun and take chances with your words! Hope you stop by for Young Reporter Night at Bookmans at Speedway and Wilmot on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 5 p.m.

See ya there! Boomer Bear

December 2017 Letters to Boomer Tucson

My favorite community service is going to and supporting the Honor Flight and our veterans.

your friend, M.K.

Wow, M.K.!

What a great way for Tucsonans to show their appreciation and respect for veterans. Honor Flight Southern Arizona brings WWII and Korean War veterans to Washington, D.C., to see their national memorials. At every stop, people gather to cheer for these veterans, shake their hands and thank them for their service. What a great way to give.

Your buddy, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer Bear,

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! You’re a wonderful friend. I hope Santa brings you lots of good presents and fills your Christmas stocking with lots of treats. I really enjoy being a (Young) Reporter for you. And I hope this Christmas comes with making many special memories. You’re very, very special to me each and every day of the year. I got a letter from the general manager of the Grand Canyon Railway this year since I sent him a copy of the story I covered back in October.

Have a fun and very merry one, B.E.

Loved the card, B.E.!

How did your Thanksgiving go? Hate to admit it, but I ate enough for two bears! All the turkey and the fixings were just too scrumptious. And, the leftover green beans and stuffing and turkey might be my favorite part of the meal (besides the great company).

A few of my aunts and uncles and my cousin are coming from up north for a holiday visit. I am SO EXCITED!

Happy Holidays, Boomer Bear


Boomer Bear,

I recycle milk cartons and cereal boxes.



Hi Boomer,

At my house, I recycle paper and plastic.

yours truly, N.B.


Dear Boomer,

We recycle cans at our house.

—S.S. & S.S.

Nice work, A.I., N.B., S.S. & S.S!

Tucson and other cities are working to make recycling easy for you and your families. Check out this month’s main feature, “It’s Time to Recycle!” to learn all the things you should be putting in your blue bin and definite no-nos that need to be kept out so you don’t contaminate your recyclables. For example, if the bottom of your pizza box is oily, tear off and recycle the top of it!

Know how to recycle, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

My favorite food for the holidays is tamales!

Your friend, S.C.

Dear S.C.,

Just gotta say that you have excellent taste!

Season’s eatings, Boomer


November 2017 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Boomer Bear,

Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving?

from R.B.

Dear R.B.,

Did you know my parents and I originally came from the northern reaches of Canada and arrived here in Arizona when I was just a cub?

Luckily for me and my family, we’ve already celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving on Oct. 9. We started out with some creamy hodge podge soup, had poutine (fries with gravy and chunks of cheese), a smoked turkey and blueberry grunt (a cobbler you cook in a cast-iron frying pan)! Can’t wait for our second Thanksgiving this month. Be sure to check out my “Kids Who Give” feature in the middle of the newspaper to find out how you can help others. The Salvation Army and Gospel Rescue Mission need frozen turkeys and fixings to put on their free Thanksgiving celebrations for those who need it!

You can do a lot, Boomer Bear


Hi Boomer!

My favorite community service project is raising money for different centers (that help people).

yours truly, D.L.

How generous of you, D.L.!

Sometimes it’s easier for kids and teens to collect items, like warm jackets for a coat drive, or shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries for hurricane survivors like those in Puerto Rico.

But for a lot of aid organizations, money is more helpful. Food banks can take your money, and with special buying power can get four times the food that your money would ordinarily buy!

You rock! Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

Helping kids with their homework is my favorite thing to do for the community.

Your friend, N.B.


Nice work, N.B.!

Lifting up other students, helping them to understand and learn to do their schoolwork, is a great way to make your community strong!

What are some of your favorite school subjects? I bet reading and writing are high on your list.

Keep up the good work, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

I’m most thankful for making lots of friends and learning that my aunt is pregnant this year.

— D.L.

Dear D.L.,

What great news for you and your family! I wonder if your aunt’s going to give birth this year or in 2018? And, are you going to have a new niece or nephew?

Your buddy, Boomer


Dear Boomer,

My class loves your front cover Seek-n’-Finds, and they love the articles, too!! You are the best writer!

Your friend, B.E.

Dear B.E.,

Thanks for the encouragement!

Keep reading, Boomer Bear

October 2017 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Have a Happy Halloween, Boomer!

I really like you very, very much. Having a friend like you and writing for you is a real TREAT!

from B.E.

Dear B.E.,

Thanks for the groovy Halloween wishes and for the even groovier

3-D card…plus the pun
I did pick up on your play on words!

Wishing you and all kids and families a spooktacular and safe Halloween.

BOO-mer Bear


Hello, Boomer!

I’m L.G., and I want to sign up to be a Young Reporter for Bear Essential News. But there’s one problem—I’m not a good writer. My teacher gave me one of your newspapers, and I saw that I could sign up. In class, I have to practice speaking and writing. Should I give it a try?

yours truly, L.G.

Of course you should, L.G.!

No one is born a great writerit’s the sort of thing that takes practice. What’s neat is that Bear Essential News gives you the opportunity to write regularly (I want our reporters to send in at least one story every other month) and to have your stories edited before they’re printed in the newspaper.

Lucky you! We’re about to have our fabulous Young Reporters Night! It’s free and happens on the third Thursday of each month, which means it’s Oct. 19 this month.

It’s at the Bookmans on Speedway near Wilmot between 5 and 6 p.m. You and your parent can fill out the sign-up form and you’ll get an official Young Reporters kit so you can get started. Reporters with stories can arrive at 4:30 to have their articles edited. There’s a presentation on reporting, and snacks and prizes, too!

Report for me, Boomer Bear


Boomer Bear,

How long have you been a bear?


Dear Boomer,

What’s your favorite animal?

Your friend, C.M.

Dear Boomer,

As a Young Reporter, I would most like to interview a veterinarian because I want to be a vet!

Yours truly, A.C.

Dear E.L., C.M. & A.C.,

I’ve been a polar bear all my lifeso it has been 10 years now (my birthday happened in


My favorite animal is the black rhino because they’re big, strong and cool like me. I hope we can work together to bring up the numbers of these majestic beasts to a healthy population.

And A.C., I know a couple of veterinarians who would love to answer all of your questions. One is a reptile and amphibian doctor who has some interesting stories!

Your buddy, Boomer Bear

September 2017 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Boomer Bear,

When is your birthday?

yours truly, K.P.

Dear K.P.,

Funny you should ask that because my birthday’s in September, and it’s also the anniversary of Bear Essenitial News! While this is the start of the newspaper’s 39th year, I’m turning 10 this month.

I’m the Birthday Bear! Boomer


Happy Birthday, Boomer Bear!

I hope you have a happy 10th birthday—you’re a very good friend to me! I really enjoy working for you and writing stories for your newspaper a lot. It’s a lot of fun writing for Bear Essential News and having a special and good friend like you.

from B.E.

Thank you, B.E.,

I love the birthday card you sent, and I also enjoy getting stories every now and then from you!

You’ll really dig this SeptemBear edition. Not only does it have your birthday greeting, but the main feature focuses on journalism.

Much appreciated, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

I’m happy about school (being back in session) because I love going to school, and my friends are there.

Your friend, R.B.


I’m excited to be in school where I get to see my friends again.


Dear Boomer,

I’m happy to be back because I love school and my teacher!

Yay, C.M.

Dear R.B., R.W. & C.M.,

This is my favorite time of the school year! My classmates and I are getting into a good routine at our school, and the nervousness and anxiety of this new year have eased up.

It’s great to be back learning new things and writing more. I love playing sports at recess, and my teacher rocks!

But the best part is getting to be with my old buddies again and making new ones.

Have a great year, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

What is one of your favorite articles?

your reporter, H.W.

Dear H.W.,

Your question sure got me thinking! Our Young Reporters and I have covered so many super cool stories. Some of our reporters have met movie stars, directors, singers…even presidents and first ladies! I’ve ridden in the police helicopter chasing criminals and got to go into Kartchner Caverns before it opened!

There are just too many, Boomer


Boomer Bear,

I am happy because I am now in middle school.

your friend, Z.G.

How exciting, Z.G.!

You’re not a little kid anymore. What are you liking most about middle schoolhaving different teachers throughout the day? Getting to choose some of your classes? Having more challenging stuff to learn?

Make it a great school year! Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

Do you prefer math or reading?

from C.C.

Dear C.C.,

My love of reading started when I was a little cub! To be honest, math doesn’t come easy to me, so I have to work extra hard at it.

All your effort really adds up, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

I’d like to go to the movie theater for a field trip this year.


Boomer Bear,

For a field trip, I’d like to go to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I want to interview someone there.

Yours truly, R.W.

Dear C.A. & R.W.,

It’s time to plan those field trips! Fortunately, Bear’s Field Trip and Teachers Resource Guides run on pages 20–28 and are online. Also check out the feature on reportingthe Workshop is this month!

Sign up today! Boomer Bear

August 2017 Letters to Boomer Tucson

Dear Boomer,

Going back to school, I like the recorders from my music class, and I like learning about the scientific method.

yours truly, K.S.

Hey Boomer,

The best part about the new school year? I like my teacher the best.

your friend, K.W.

Dear Boomer,

What I like best about the new school year so far is making new friends!

sincerely S.P.

Dear K.S., K.W. & S.P.,

Hope your school year is off to a rockin’ good start! (Of course, a big part of that is being prepared when you went back.) Recorders are definitely not for memy paws and claws are too big for the little instrument, but I love science! My new teacher is Mrs. Oso, who is amazing. I hope all of you are making a new friend or two at school.

Wishing you a fantastic year! Boomer Bear


Boomer Bear,

Do you play video games, eat pizza and read books?

from E.A.

Dear E.A.,

Yes, yes and yes, but I can’t do all three at the same time! The pizza part I can do with either of the others.

What do you like on your pizza?

Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

My family and I just went to San Diego and Los Angeles. We went to Disneyland, Universal Studios and to the beach. It was a long trip to get back to Tucson. When we got back, we all fell asleep and are staying at home. Have a great day, Boomer!

your friend, A.S.

Thanks for the update, A.S.!

What a fun-filled trip to Southern California. I enjoy all of those places, but love the beach the most. Earlier this summer, there were a lot of sightings of young great white sharks swimming near shore, so a lot of beachgoers couldn’t go in for a swim. Did you get to enjoy the water?

Your buddy, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

You are awesome.

your reporter, A.F.

Dear A.F.

You’re equally, if not more, AWESOME!

Hope to see you soon, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer Bear,

What’s your favorite thing about going back to school?

yours truly, M.D.

Dear M.D.,

I miss a lot of my friends I didn’t get to see this summer, and I like making a few new friends, too.

Welcome back, Boomer Bear


Dear Boomer,

This year I hope to get better at writing through Bear Essential News.

Young Reporter T.L.

Sounds great, T.L.!

See page 23 to attend my Young Reporters Workshopstart writing for Bear and be on TV, too!

Reserve your spot! Boomer Bear


March 2019