Letters to Boomer

Dear Boomer,

I’m going to make this school year great by making new friends and getting good grades.
Your friend, E.A.

Hey Boomer,

I’m going to make this school year successful by going to a tutoring club for kids who need help with school.
Yours truly, A.W.

Boomer Bear,

It will be a successful school year if everyone will be nice and is treated (well).
Thanks, B.S.

Welcome back to class, E.A., A.W. & B.S.!

Pizza Hut and the Bear Essential News crew wish all you kids the best school year ever! As you probably know, it starts with you having a positive attitude and making your school better, stronger, more fun and more kind. Check out the Kind Kids column on page 15 by our friends at Ben’s Bells. It talks about turning your school into a Kind Campus.

You and your classmates can sharpen their letter-writing skills by sending me a note or two. I’ll pick the best and answer them here!

Good luck! Boomer Bear

Boomer Bear,

My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni, mushroom and black olives.
Your friend, E.M.

Dear E.M.,

Dear E.M., You have great taste when it comes to pizza! I’m impressed with your sophisticated palate. Personally, I’m like a lot of other kids and enjoy my pies
simple. Pepperoni is my all-time fave and just cheese is fine with me, too. But when it comes to pizza, I enjoy just about anything on top!
Bon appétit, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

For a field trip, I’d like to go to an animal shelter to help animals.
Yours truly, H.L.

Hey Boomer,

For a field trip, I would like to go to the UofA’s (Flandrau) Science Center and Planetarium because my school likes science.
Yours truly, Z.G.

Dear H.L. & Z.G.,

Those are some excellent destinations for you and your schoolmates. My black-and-white dog was a rescue from an animal shelter, and I named her Newsprint! Learning how shelters function and the happiness pets from there bring to families and others is definitely worthwhile.

Flandrau has some of the most fun and fascinating exhibits around, and its FullDome Theater surrounds you with it’s fantastic science flicks! Check out my Field Trips and Teachers Resource Guide that starts on page 17 and runs through the paper.
Hope you get to go, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

What is your favorite animal? Mine is a dog or a panda bear!
Your friend, E.H.

Hi, E.H.!

I’m sort of disappointed your fave creature isn’t a polar bear, specifically a really good-lookin’ one who writes!
Thanks for sharing, Boomer Bear

Dear Boomer,

When I went to the Arizona Science Center last time, it was a lot of fun and very exciting. I got to be one of the volunteers during the show we watched in the theater. I sure wasn't expecting something like that to happen. Here’s a story about something your readers might want to know.

If anyone out there needs some- thing to do during Labor Day when school is closed, the Arizona Science Center will host a Camp Innovation event that has to do with LEGO engineering that day.

Kids can discover the fascinating world of LEGO engineering, learn about simple machines, energy and force while building levers, launchers, cars and more. It’s open to grades 1–6 on Sept. 5 from 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

I had so much fun at the Arizona Science Center when I was there on July 28—especially getting to be one of the volunteers for the show.

I really like you very much!
Your Best Buddy and Fellow Reporter, B.E.

Wow, B.E., awesome report!

Going up to the Arizona Science Center is always so much fun. Great exhibits, the fabulous Flinn Theater with its 3D flicks, Camp Innovation and other special events makes STEM learning unforgettable!

Keep up the good work writing news stories for me, B.E.! This one is really well done. Here in Tucson we’re holding our Young Reporters Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 22 in the morning for any kids in grades 3 thru 8 who want to write news for us and go on TV, too! See page 30.
Thank you, Boomer Bear

August 2016