With my mom, Genêt Klasek's, and my love for skateboarding, it was hard to resist skateboarding every day during our trip to Cuba in March.

Skateboarding the streets of Cuba was amazing and it is something I'm looking forward to when I return for at least a year to live with my mom,... Read more

PHOENIX – The ancient Hohokam civilization first built Phoenix’s canal system more than 600 years ago. In the fall, Phoenix officials plan to start a project they hope will revive and improve the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canalscape Project will include nearly 12 miles of trails... Read more

Astro photographer Sean Parker is photographed at Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona

Sean Parker hosts astrophotography workshops in and out of Arizona and has even hosted them in Iceland. Photographs courtesy of Sean Parker.

With the Milky Way season for astrophotography well underway, nightscape photographer Sean Parker is busy scheduling workshops and... Read more

Stephen Gin, editor

On April 15, Bear Essential teamed up with Saguaro National Park West volunteers for a fun-filled barbecue and ecology night hike for Young Reporters and their families. Using black lights, the reporters discovered dozens of glowing green scorpions along the way. They also witnessed... Read more

Aerosmith headlined the Sunday Capital One Jamfest at the Margaret T. Hance Park in Phoenix, Arizona.
Tyler Whitehead

Macklemore joined Blink 182 and Aerosmith as the headliners for the Jamfest on Sunday, April 2 in Downtown Phoenix.

Tens of thousands of fans flooded into Downtown Phoenix from March 31 to April 2, 2017 to celebrate the Fan Festival and the NCAA March Madness Music Festival at... Read more

The NCAA March Madness Fanfest and Music Festival invade Phoenix this Friday and carry on through the weekend for free concerts featuring the likes of The Chainsmokers, Keith Urban, Macklemore and Aerosmith!

Bear Essential News will be there to cover the music festival and fanfest! Tyler... Read more