Cape Town, South Africa, water crisis downgraded and postponed until 2019. But will the wet season beat back the now-three-year drought? Read more

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died Nov. 25 at age 90. Castro was a hero for some Cubans, and a tyrannical dictator for others, so news of his death was met with varying reactions—some mourned while others celebrated.

Castro was born near Birán, Cuba. As a young man, he was part of anti... Read more

Unknown hackers took over more than 100,000 internet-connected devices, many of them simple gad- gets like cable TV boxes and even baby crib monitors, to cripple a major internet service provider on Oct. 21. The attack left countless customers nationwide unable to get to popular services like... Read more

Hey, rockhounds! Keep a sharp eye out for the unusual. An odd-looking brown pebble found on a southeastern English shore turned out to be the first evidence of a dinosaur’s brain!

Thankfully, the dinosaur experts who made this discovery had much larger brains than the DONOR dino—probably... Read more


The maker of a life-saving medicine injector and its chief are in hot water with the government for pumping up the price of its patented product.


MARKETED as the EpiPen and sold in boxes of two, the injector pushes a hollow needle into the muscle of a... Read more

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an inspiring three-day celebration, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened on the National Mall on Sept. 24.


The 10-story, 350,000-square-foot building filled with important historic objects and images is across the... Read more

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa.—A talented, veteran New York team won the Little League World Series Aug. 28 by squeaking past a FORMIDABLE South Korean team 2-1. A United States team hadn’t won the LL World Series since 2011, and a New York team hadn’t won it all for over 50... Read more

## Countdown Is on for OSIRIS-Rex

*by Young Reporter Aidan Frye, Sonoran Science Academy*

Every year, the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, LPL, has a Summer Science Saturday. The latest one took place on Aug. 27. Among the endless... Read more

Pokemon Go Screenshot

Since Pokémon Go launched last month, it has taken kids and adults outside to explore their neighborhoods, meet new friends and get exercise. Students, parents, doctors, lawyers and even Bear Essential News are participating in Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is a free mobile app from Niantic and... Read more