Cape Town, South Africa, water crisis downgraded and postponed until 2019. But will the wet season beat back the now-three-year drought? Read more

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake addressed the Senate on Oct. 24 with a speech condemning the “discord” and “dysfunction” of today’s politics and the current “coarseness of our national dialogue.” Read more

Could you imagine trying to live in Arizona without electricity? There’d be no air conditioning, no refrigeration to keep your milk and other perishables cold, and no lights to turn on at night!

Survivors of Hurricane Maria continue to struggle on the ravaged island of Puerto Rico,... Read more

Researchers come up with an idea of what the very first flower may have looked like.  Read more

West Valley government and business leaders are developing shopping, entertainment and job hubs in a continued effort to keep residents from being siphoned to other areas in the Valley.  Read more

Phoenix Children's Hospital is expanding its emergency department to accomodate up to 100,000 patients each year.  Read more

Why did Britain's iconic Big Ben go silent on Aug. 21? Read more

A federal court ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to start over on planning for flight paths in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The current plan has led to tens of thousands of noise complaints from neighbors since it was put in place in 2014. (Photo by Coleton Berry/Cronkite News)

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On March 2, federal agents from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Customs and Border Protection made the striking discovery of potato chip cans containing three deadly king cobras. Read more