By Emily Richardson and Tatum Smith/Cronkite News

Arizona Senator Steve Farley attempts to pass a bill prohibiting texting while driving. Out of 47 states, Arizona is the last to cave in. Read more

The treasured painting, part of a series by celebrated abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, is back home at the UA Museum of Art — and this is the story of how it happened.


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Scientists announced a mind-boggling 18,000 newly discovered plants and creatures for 2016.


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Rising temperatures are causing a spike in kissing bugs in Southern Arizona. University of Arizona scientists are conducting a research to study the bugs' changing behavior and activity. Read more

Rifath Sharook, 18, designed and built what may turn out to be the world’s tiniest space cube! Read more

Astronomers think they have solved the case of the zigzaggy photo of the moon taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), proving once again that science rocks! Read more


Scientists study dog genomes to develop new family tree of dogs that connect all 161 breeds. Read more


Neil Gorsuch joined the Supreme Court of the United States as the newest justice when he was sworn into office on April 10. Read more

Star Wars-loving scientists name new species of gibbons "Skywalker." Read more