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A LOOPHOLE in election rules for Kansas has enabled six teenagers who aren’t even old enough to vote to enter the 2018 race for governor!

The mid-term election was called after then-Kansas Governor Sam Brownback left office to become a U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for the State Department.

According to election officials, Kansas has virtually no rules or requirements when it comes to running for governor or other top posts within the state government.

Jack Bergeson, a high school student from Wichita, realized this back in February or March of 2016, he said in an interview on National Public Radio. In August of 2017, while he was just 16, Jack announced he was running for governor as a Democrat.

He then encouraged his good friend, Tyler Ruzich, to enter the GUBERNATORIAL race as a Republican. “Tyler, you’ve got to run. You’ve got to run as a Republican. You’ve got to get young people excited about this election,” Tyler recalled on the news show Fox & Friends.

Since then, four other Kansas teens who are not legally adults yet have filed the paperwork to run for governor, too! This teen field includes Jack, now 17; his friend Tyler, 17; Aaron Coleman, 17; Ethan Ranleas, 17; Joseph Tutera Jr., 16, and Dominic Scavuzzo, 17.

Jack says he modeled his campaign based on former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign. “Feel the Berg” and “Real Change, Right Now!” are two of his campaign slogans.

Meanwhile, Kansas legislators are trying to pass new requirements for those running for governor and other top offices. These new election laws, however, would not effect these elections. Party primaries to determine the Democrat and Republican candidates will be Aug. 7, and the election determining the next Kansas governor happens Nov. 6.

March 2018