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BALI, Indonesia—Mount Agung’s 5.6-mile high eruption of ash Nov. 26 has fouled this island paradise, which relies heavily on tourism. The eruption forced officials to issue a red alert, ordering thousands to evacuate.

For the past few months, increased rumblings (seismic activities) led island officials to EVACUATE people from a 7.5-mile radius around the volcano, which meant 122,500 people had to leave their homes. In 1963, when Mount Agung last erupted, people had little or no warning and more than 1,000 died!

So far, it’s been mostly steam and ash spewing skyward, but at night, people on the island can see the orange glow of magma on the rim of the volcano. This means that molten magma has reached the top of the Mount Agung. The plume of ash is traveling southeastward, covering nearby communities with a thin layer of dark ash. Officials distributed masks for evacuees—up to 5 million people in the region might be affected by this ash.

Annually, around 5 million tourists enjoy the beauty of this island, which is part of Indonesia, northwest of Australia. The erupting volcano has forced at least 15,000 tourists to cancel their vacation plans, and because the airport has been shut down for the initial few days due to all of the ash, some 50,000 travelers were left stranded!

To make matters worse, tremors continue to come from Mount Agung, indicating there could be a stronger, more dangerous eruption.

December 2017