Alisa Fenstermacher teaches at St. Michael’s School. She is new to the school and new to the fourth grade (after teaching eighth grade), but she is not new to teaching.

Fenstermacher grew up in Illinois and attended Illinois State University. She taught in schools in the Chicago area... Read more

James Green went into teaching many years ago and he enjoyed it, he says. But after a few years, he realized he would need to pursue a different career to support his family. Green joined the Air Force, but he always dreamed of returning to the classroom.

During his 25-year military... Read more

Michelle Sotelo has taught for 20 years. After teaching kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade, she has spent the last six years at Apollo Middle School where she teaches Language Arts.

“I love it. I’ve found my niche,” says Sotelo. “I love teaching 7th grade because I can act like a silly 12-... Read more

Kandice Baker has been teaching fourth grade at Butterfield Elementary for a decade. When did she realize that she wanted to become a teacher? “I had always known as far as I can remember,” Baker says.

When she was in school her favorite subject was reading, Baker says. She still enjoys... Read more