Sweet rolls, bagels, pretzels and a Nobel Prize in Physics? Carb-loaded math? Maybe it’s time to take a second look.

Remember last month when we looked at nanoscience and discovered that the more we learn the more we need new technology to measure and study things that are... Read more

Yellow Mite Magnification

VIDEO Eeeeewww! What microscopic mites get up to on our skin Video of VIDEO Eeeeewww! What microscopic mites get up to on our skin

What’s the smallest thing you’ve ever seen? The human eye is capable of seeing many small things like a grain of sand, or even a particle of dust floating... Read more

At Biosphere 2 scientists are studying how rocks weather and erode to create new SOIL and how that new soil fosters microbes, nutrient availability and plant growth. WATER carries bits of broken rock down from the mountains, then the rivers carry them along the valleys, sometimes all... Read more

Did you Know? Scale Matters

B2 scientists are studying the movement of water through soil in three “sizes” or scales:

Small: in a beaker on a lab bench where we can measure chemical changes. Medium: On the LEO slopes where rain can be controlled and microbes can be measured. Large: In the... Read more

History! YUCK! After hours of memorizing facts (in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue), you are faced with a test that includes dates in column A and world events in column B, and if you want to pass you match them up...

But wait! History books only tell you who won the battle or who... Read more

941 Adonis sprouted. Tang Dynasty China, playing cards invented

1041 Adonis was 100. Macbeth crowned King of Scotland

1066 Adonis was 125. The Battle of Hastings

1477 Adonis was 536. Spanish Inquisition begins

1564 Adonis was 623. Shakespeare is born... Read more

Adonis was 832 and he may have hated taxes. What year was it?

1. The fall of the French Bastille (let them eat cake) 2. The Boston Tea Party 3. The ride of Lady Godiva through Coventry

When Adonis was 930 Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started it. What year was it?

1. The Great... Read more