School is out, 100-degree weather is in and Memorial Day is upon us; This means only one thing: Summer Vacation is here. Although, unfortunately (maybe) for some of us, Summer season doesn’t officially begin until June 20.

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Kimberly Speer, 28, dressed as Amber from Fire Emblem, leads the conversation to a crowd of cosplayers at Phoenix Comicon on how to succeed at creating costumes regardless of weight or size. Previously bullied for her costumes, she now preaches confidence and community to concerned players. (Photo by Devin Conley/Cronkite News)

PHOENIX — Kimberly Speer spends hundreds of dollars and countless hours building her costumes for Phoenix Comicon. The 28-year-old makes the costumes by hand and pays minute attention to detail so they replicate her character’s original form. She displays her hard work through social... Read more

Kristin Thomas is the advanced math teacher for second-grade through fifth-grade students at Ocotillo Ridge Elementary. She is a military wife and was a stay-at-home mom until her youngest child started first grade. Now she is in her ninth year of teaching at Ocotillo Ridge.

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Camp Architecture is a series of week-long summer day programs designed
for students interested in the field of architecture. Participants learn
to draw by hand and on the computer, construct models in the CAPLA
Materials Lab, test structural models, and learn about sustainability and
careers in the design field. Taught by our inspiring young architects at
the School of Architecture, with the support of outstanding student
assistants, aspiring architects will get a unique glimpse into the world

Joel Kramer has been a stuntman, stunt coordinator and second-unit director for 39 years. He says, “It’s such an exciting job. I have traveled all over the world and have met so many different people.” 

How closely related is my beagle to that basset hound? Are herding dogs all closely related? What is the history of man’s best furry-faced friend?

Sure, commercial DNA testing has been around for a few years so people can find out their origins and who their ancestors are. But... Read more

Have you ever heard of Peggy Whitson? She’s certainly someone we should all know about. A NASA astronaut, Whitson broke a record last month by spending more than 535 days in space! That gives her the honor of being the U.S. astronaut with the record for the most cumulative time spent in... Read more

A new Supreme Court Justice was sworn in to office on April 10. Neil Gorsuch joined the ranks of the highest court in the land, returning the number of Supreme Court Justices to nine. The court has had eight justices for over a year following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016... Read more