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It’s exciting, the new baby and your new life. Nobody told you there will be no sleep for awhile, or that everything you do will be adjusted in some fashion. And certainly there was no mention of college on the horizon.  

But it will loom in the not-distant-enough distance. You will hear phrases like “big data” and STEM expanded to STEAM, and you will get to know that youl need between $13,000 and $48,000 dollars a year to prepare this fragile new life to face a world not yet imaginable.  

The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education  has created a plan with  three great choices for our Arizona students. This plan can be put into action the day your baby is born, or any time thereafter and requires as little as $15 a month in deposits.  The money is sheltered from federal and state  taxes

Tuesday, May 29 is Arizona 529 Day. Learn about our great state plan by logging onto to open an account. After that, come on over to and give yourself the opportunity to put $529 into your new plan right away.


Click the links below to Print the "Entry Form" and the "Picture Yourself" entry for a chance to win

Entry Form || Picture Yourself After College Contest