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Cool Transit STUFF 3rd Grade Art Contest

Thank You, Transit Heroes! 

It takes many individuals with unique skills to get people from here to there in the Valley of the Sun. Valley Metro workers do it best. We appreciate their professionalism, dedication, and innovation in providing excellent transportation options to all who travel on Valley Metro. Get busy using crayons, colored pencils or a computer and show these professionals in action. 

Winners will receive a fantastic prize package.

There are hundreds of transit heroes. Here are a few to get you started on your design: 

  • Customer Experience Coordinators answer our questions and provide a friendly face.
  • Customer Service Representatives plan the best routes.
  • Safety and Security Officers keep us safe on the journey.
  • Service Employees keep our vehicles and facilities shining. 
  • Transit Drivers get us there on light rail, streetcar and bus.
  • Maintenance Technicians keep buses and trains in good order.
  • Rail Inspectors keep the system operating as expected.