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by Reporter Camilla Castro, Tucson Ingenuity Academy

When I was younger I loved the idea of creating a business. In second grade, my class held a ticket market where we formed groups and sold our products to other classes in exchange for tickets. In third grade I sold lemonade, brownies and cookies to the people inmy neighborhood. In fourth grade I sold some homemade creations to people at my school. In fifth grade I moved back to my old school and we had another ticket market.

After having lots of fun selling things I made, I decided to create my own small business in sixth grade. I made custom orders of slime for friends and people at school. Later I partnered with other friends who enjoyed making slime as much as I did. Even after I “abandoned” my creation, I kept looking for ways to sell things I loved making—which no longer included slime. Now that I am in eighth grade, I still love sales and entrepreneurship and hope to one day own my own business. I still have some learning to do before I can own a long term business, but I think I’ll start by opening a “business for a day” at the Children’s Business Fair.

The Children’s Business Fair gives me a chance to be an entrepreneur for a day and practice sales. I get to experience a little bit of what owning a business is like by planning, making my product, and then selling it. If you are interested in using your creativity to open a business where others can admire your talent, plus possibly make some cash, you should come, too!

The business fair is a public event hosted by Tucson Ingenuity Academy, a 21st-century learning based school where students get to “learn to do and learn to be.” The event takes place on Dec. 15, just in time to buy some nice gifts for the people you love. It begins at 11 a.m. and continues through 4 p.m. Anyone from the age of 6–16 is welcome to apply to sell any product or service at the fair. There will even be a special panel of judges who will decide who gets to be awarded and receive prizes!

Don’t wait, booths are available to reserve through Dec. 1. To apply or gather more information on the event, visit