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Have you ever heard someone complain about having the “Summertime Blues”? This is what people say when they realize they can’t do everything they want during the summer because there is simply not enough money or time to get it all done. 

This desire to have everything exactly when we want it only leads to frustration and sadness. It is not realistic to think that we can have everything all at once.    

Sometimes we have to wait until next year to take a trip or save up money to buy that awesome video game. We may want to have a friend over right away but have to wait until their parents can bring them. 

It does no good to give into the frustration or anger over not getting what we want right when we want it. Life just doesn’t allow us to have everything all at once, so we can either decide to be unhappy about having to wait for something, or we can accept it, and choose to look forward to having it in the future. Always go for the second choice—looking forward to something is often more or as much fun than getting it! 

And never forget there are important lessons to be learned while working, planning and saving for things, so that even if we don’t actually get the thing we want (unfortunately, in life this often the case), we can still benefit from the work we did.      

We learn skills that will help us our whole life such as patience, persistence (which means not giving up when things get hard) and keeping a positive attitude.  

Make the best of whatever summer brings your way and enjoy working toward next year’s fun!