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Paint by number kits are always fun, but sometimes they can be difficult for a child to paint, and they can create a mess.

Now there is a fun way for kids to create a masterpiece without using paint. Paint By Pom Pom uses the same idea as paint by number; different colors go with different numbers on the picture being created. The twist is–instead of using paint, peel and stick pom poms are applied to the corresponding numbers on the painting.

No glue, no paint, no mess!

Samantha Martin from Sugar & Snail is the creator of the Paint By Pom Pom products. “I created it this year in an attempt to keep kids creating while at home,” says Martin.

There are four colorful kits to choose from. Unipom, Kittypom, Dinopom and Puppypom. You can also purchase a Pom Pom Bundle that includes all four kits.

The kits are suggested for ages 5 and up, but adults will enjoy making them too.

Visit to order your kit.