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For the last three years the little Scien-Tastic bobcat has wandered the halls of U of A’s College of Science— nameless.  

Catpurrnicus’ task is the help Associate Dean Elliott Cheu introduce a lesser visible science taught at the University to elementary and middle school students – or anybody who reads the column Scien-Tastic.

During his many adventures, he has built a moon garden, discovered that tree cookies are not delicious, solved the Gordian Knot, and chased big-horned sheep across Tiburón Island!

He has worked hard to explain science to our readers and now it is time he had a name! So, we ask you our Bear Essential News supporters and readers, to helped us pick a name!

Certificates were awarded by Gary Shepard, who draws Catpurrnicus, to the winners who submitted the name – Dani Durnam of Hughes Federal Credit Union and Kellee Campbell of Flandrau Science Center. Dean Cheu looked on approvingly, glad to have the help of his cat.

And our little science bobcat is so excited that he finally has a name.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to vote for the name that you think most fits the Scien-Tastic kitty!

Thank you for participating in a piece of University of Arizona history.

Voting ended on Feb. 28, the winning name was announced at the Tucson Festival of Books!

Everybody, meet CATPURRNICUS!!

Congratulations to Hughes Federal Credit Union and Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium for selecting the winning name! Thank you to Dr. Elliott Cheu, associate dean at the College of Science at the University of Arizona for helping facilitate the contest!


Elliott Cheu, associate dean, College of Science

Kellee Jane Campbell, director, Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium

Danielle Durnal, Hughes Federal Credit Union

Gary Shepard, art director, Bear Essential News