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 My review is on a book called “Diary of an Ice Princess: Snow Place Like Home” written by Christina Soontornvat. The reason I picked this book is because I loved the story and the detailed pictures. The author has written four more books in this series.

The book is about an ice princess named Lina. She lives in the sky in the clouds with her mom, a Windtamer, her dad a Groundling, and her dog, Gusty. Lina is learning to be a Windtamer like her mom. Lina has a friend named

Claudia who is a Groundling. Lina applies to her friend’s school and experiences a problem. Other situations happen at school for Lina, like she accidently froze the water fountain and turned the boys restroom into a skating rink. At the end of the story Lina discovers that she is not a Windtamer, she is something else. To find out what she is, you will have to read the book.

I did not relate to any characters in the book. There was no humor, but if there were, I would have been tickled. If the story had a message, it could have been that differences are okay and everyone makes mistakes.

This book is 118 pages long and the target audience is ages 6–9. The author Soontornvat loves science. She is from Texas and grew up reading books behind the counter of a Thai restaurant her parents owned.