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The school year is finally winding down, and everyone is getting ready for summer break!

We all look forward to the fun that summer brings—trips, swimming, spending time with friends, barbecues and sleeping in. You may find that you have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, but with the right attitude you can make the most of it!

If you find yourself bored, it may be tempting to just watch TV. Instead, try thinking of all the other great stuff you could be doing. Maybe there is a book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time, or try learning a new skill like drawing or playing an instrument. Invite friends over for a backyard picnic, or to build a fort. Get creative and have fun trying new things (with your parent's permission, of course). And remember that even simple things like playing with your dog or talking with your grandparent can bring just as much happiness as big adventures if you find them enjoyable.

While having fun outside, please remember to drink plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen. This may be even more important when you are enjoying the pool. When swimming, it is easy to get sunburned or become dehydrated (this is when our bodies don’t have enough water to work right) and not realize it. This is because the cool water can make us

forget that we are thirsty or make it hard to feel that our skin is starting to burn. 

When we take good care of our bodies, it is easier to enjoy our lives (imagine climbing a tree with a sunburn—not so much fun). So often it is easy to forget that our minds and bodies are connected. When our bodies hurt, it is hard to feel good emotionally. The opposite is also true—when we are sad or angry, our bodies can sometimes feel sick. Have you ever gotten an upset stomach when you are nervous? That’s why it is so important that you take care of yourself while outside this summer—so that the fun can last and last.

We at Cathexis wish you and your family a safe and fun summer break!