November is the month of Thanksgiving, and for many families this means life gets pretty busy. Your family may spend more time than usual cleaning house, shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, volunteering at homeless shelters, or going to holiday parties or events. 

With all the running around, it’s easy to forget what Thanksgiving is really about—being grateful for what you have. 

During the quite moments, such as when you are waking up in the morning or falling to sleep at night, try to think about the things in your life that you are grateful for like your parents, siblings, friends, pets and hobbies. See how many you can list—you may be surprised at how many wonderful things are in your life. 

Then, and this is the part that gets tricky, choose to be happy with what you have. When we stop ourselves from always wanting more, and decide that what we have is pretty good, we become happier people. Give it a try!

Parents: A Time for Love & Support

Thanksgiving is about two things in particular: family and appreciation­—and lots of good food too, so make it three things! For adults, we understand what is unique about this holiday, yet for children the understanding of the meaning of Thanksgiving may not be so clear. 

How well do we, as parents, teach our children to appreciate our family? If your family Thanksgiving is full of many family members, the day may be so incredibly busy making food and getting organized for the holiday, taking time to sit down with your children and sharing with them the meaning of Thanksgiving can get overlooked.   

If your family Thanksgiving is more intimate, with fewer family members, then the holiday may get ignored and treated like “just another day” and an opportunity to teach and inspire our children gets missed. It doesn’t take much time to have a casual conversation with your child about the importance of supporting each other and to be grateful for the support of others. Additionally, the holiday will have more meaning and purpose for them while you, as the parent, model these values to them through the conversation. 

Cathexis is grateful to the Tucson community for its support, and we hope to contribute to the continued success and well-being of our city. Thank you Tucson and may this holiday season start off with love and support. We will be thinking of you this holiday!